If there’s one thing you know about us it’s that we are not the best at keeping secrets and if there’s one thing we’ve learned from y’all it’s that you love bold color! And this news is too good not to share! Tomorrow is the day and we are finally welcoming Texas-based artist Morgan Goodwin as she launches her latest collection of bright bird paintings in our collection. We are thrilled to welcome Morgan to our roster of talented artists and are thrilled to finally make her introduction. We cannot wait for y'all to see more of her work but until then, get to know the woman behind the paintbrush by reading her responses to our rapid-fire questions below. Welcome, Morgan! 

What is currently on your nightstand?

A framed artwork I bought on the Love Lock Bridge in Paris from this super funky, eclectic artist. I can still hear him screaming “Texas!” as I walked to him multiple times to purchase everything he had in his treasure trove. Plus some face cream, essential oil and whatever else my toddlers have managed to sneak into my brass tray. 

Who is your biggest influence as an artist and why?

Patrick Puckett’s bohemian ladies. They’re full of layers and bold colors. If I win the lottery, his work will be one of my first purchases!

Tell us about your childhood. What is the most memorable moment as a young person?

My home was filled with unending warmth and love. My mother celebrates holidays to the extreme, making everything memorable. My father is known as a man of few words, but wraps you in longest, sweetest hugs that brings even strangers to tears. It would be hard to select one memory, but I’ll just say, my parents were very encouraging of my art endeavors and that certainly shaped me growing up. As a kid I knew my passions were a safe and supported place.

If you could only have one supply in your art studio, what would it be and why?

Creamy oil crayons. There’s something so soothing and satisfying about watching it create its marks on canvas. The texture is something you’ll want to touch!

What is your favorite room in your house? Describe it.

Definitely our kitchen. It was the first room in our 1920’s craftsman home that I was able to design top to bottom. Clean white cabinets balance the busy marble that wraps up the wall before creating a picture rail that showcases some of our favorite family photos and vintage glassware.

What is your biggest score online?

My Plycraft Mr. Chair. I plucked him off Craiglist before midcentury hit mainstream.

What is the benefit of buying art through a collective? What do you recommend for those that are new to buying original art?

Collectives offer you not only an array of options but are constantly bringing in new artists and hidden gems. Well & Wonder has done an excellent job of bringing beautiful art to my attention and into my home. I can’t tell you how excited I am to become one of them. 

If you have the entire day to spend in an art museum, which one and why?

I’d go back to Claude Monet’s home in Giverny. Seeing his original works in the space they were created is a dream. And that garden is magical.

What is your favorite hotel and what makes it special?

I love any hotel created/designed by Liz Lambert. Her rock-n-roll style and attention to detail makes your stay a total experience. My favorite is Hotel St. Cecelia – stripe floors, neon signs flanking the pool, moody interiors, and records you can rent to play while in your room – need I say more?

If you were a lipstick color would you be red, pink, or clear and why?

A dark earthy red. It changes my whole mood, I’m a new woman! 

I can never get on a plane without….

So many layers. I look like a bag lady when boarding.

How did you get into the world of art?

In elementary school my mother enrolled my brother and I in oil painting classes at the local convent to keep us busy after school let out. I loved every second, especially the smell. Painting has been my creative outlet the majority of my life, often as gifts for family and friends.  In 2017 I started painting more intentionally and in 2021 I left my corporate gig to give it a go. I feel so blessed to be able to create for a living. Art comes from a deep place. Having others find joy in that passion is truly beautiful and such an honor.

What do you do to relax?

A jazz record and good bottle of bubbly.

When do you get the biggest surge of inspiration?

Most often through interior design. The combination of color and use of patterns is really intriguing to me. I love imaging what artwork could be paired with each room. Opening my mailbox to find the newest edition of Architectural Digest is one of my favorite days of the month.

Prediction for the Color of 2024?

Something rich – An inky blue or cognac.

What is your idea of a date night? Dinner and a movie or dancing all night?

Oh man, I love a good date night. With sweet little toddlers running around, it’s nice to have a reason to doll myself up and have uninterrupted conversations with my husband.  A night out with cocktails and Asian-fusion eats is our favorite reset.

Tell us about your favorite painting that you have created.

Dark Staghorn. This is one of the few pieces I’ve created that was deep in color and layers. I don’t often paint with super deep, moody tones, but that piece felt like the best representation of myself. It now resides in a friend’s office back home, so I can visit her. 

One piece of advice for buying original art?

Go with your gut and have fun (even if it’s unconventional or a little risqué). Art should spark an emotion, start a conversation, or even strike a memory.  If you love it, it will always have a place in your home. When I have design clients, I often recommend they save their money for a piece that is meaningful. And if that artwork isn’t affordable look into prints, as so many artists offer more affordable options.