I blinked and we wrapped our show with Hundley Hilton December 6th, headed back up I-65 home to Kentucky, had Christmas with all it's glorious fun and parties, half of our household had the flu, we rung in 2020 at the beach with friends and family, and are just now catching up on work after we took down Christmas lights last weekend (better late than never, right?)  Phew, time sure does fly by this time of year and I can't believe I am just now sitting down on 1/20/20 to re-cap our fun pop up with Hundley Hilton!  Bottom line, Birmingham you ladies were fabulous!  I promise we will be back!  I met so, so many wonderful magazine editors, interior designers, artists, creatives, small business owners, mommas, art lovers, fashion lovers and more and y'all were beyond supportive of me and Well + Wonder, thank you!  




We could not have had such a successful show without the help of our friends Elizabeth and Janie of Hundley Hilton interiors.  They spread the word that Well + Wonder and the Tibi Outlet out of St. Simons was coming to town and ALL of their friends and clients showed up.  We had a wonderful cocktail party 12/4 with some close friends and Janie's house was the most stunning backdrop for all the art we brought.  But perhaps the most amazing part of the night for me was gathering 15 of our artists and employees together for this group show.  We've never had that many of us together in one spot and I am still on a high from being all together with these ladies on this night!


Thursday the 5th we were showing art until sundown that day and the door was always open!  It also helped that it was a beautiful balmy 60 degree day in Birmingham!  Lots of art by many of our artists found new homes in Birmingham that day, but perhaps the best part was meeting so many clients IRL and hearing their stories of how W+W art has transformed their homes!  We caught up with old friends, made new friends, and did some Christmas shopping with new artwork and new duds from Tibi.  It was a treat and we can't wait to do it again in Savannah this spring!


XO, Mollie