Photography by Mary Craven Dawkins

My daughter's preschool teacher used to talk about days or feelings or people that "filled your bucket up."  Our pop up show in Nashville three weeks ago was one of those days.  That evening as I drove home to Louisville my heart full, I was reminded of that sentiment and how one day can be so meaningful even in the wake of tragedy.  Natalie Hager is a rockstar mom, designer, and gatherer of good people (I think I just coined that term).  I know this well because we were sorority sisters back in the day at Vandy and I've known Natalie for years (nevermind how many).  Natalie is also one of our original Well Collected Guide members and as part of this program she reached out to us about collaborating on a pop up this spring as an open house to show off her new beautiful studio on Music Row.  As plans were coming together and nearly finalized the unimaginable happened at The Covenant School where Natalie's children are students.  As we cried, prayed, rallied, made calls to our appointed leaders we tried our best to support Natalie and all those affected by the Covenant shooting.  Then we watched in amazement as Natalie and many other Nashville interior designers pulled together the Covenant Cares space in a matter of days.  Covenant Cares is a place where all those affected by the shooting may go for counseling services provided by HIPAA compliant counselors for free for the next few years.  We knew we wanted to help however we could so our Open House turned into a fundraiser for Covenant Cares and it's no surprise Nashville showed up.  It's true what they say about the healing power of art and of course I'm beyond grateful for this community we've created around women and art.  Thank you Natalie and thank you Nashville!