Introducing Guest Curator, Meg McSherry! I first met Meg over Instagram (how all the great meet-cutes start these days) when she invited me to hop on an Instagram Live with her to talk about all things art and homes. I had an absolute blast and Meg fast became one of my favorite accounts to follow. Meg is an interior designer and has been working in the industry for over a decade. Having earned an Associates Degree in Interior Design from Parsons School of Design shortly after graduating from college. Meg began her career at a small residential firm in West Hartford, CT, and later moved to Boston and worked at a prestigious design firm as a project manager. After years of taking on smaller projects on the side, Meg officially founded Meg McSherry Interiors in 2016. She resides in Newton with her husband, two daughters, and a dog, Jack. While we love all things southern and our collected homes it's been such a joy learning the art of design from Meg (our friend up north) during this crazy time of COVID-19. Welcome, Meg! 
"Striped IV" by Kerry Hays
I’ve been a Kerry Hays fan for a while and am lucky to have some of her pieces in my own home.  I absolutely love the soft color palette in this piece, with the soft curves of the bowl.  The unexpected black and white stripes are such a good contrast!
"Man is Bella" by Sarah Ella Cole
I always find Sarah's pieces to be really flexible - as in, they can work with such a variety of interiors.  The colors in this piece are what speaks to me the most - they are true colors, but also feel really neutral and grounding.  The white adds great contrast, the blush color is soft and calming and that slate blue is an all-time favorite color of mine.  What’s not to love?

"House on the Marsh" - Caroline Chriss
I am a sucker for small landscapes.  The colors in this piece are so crisp and happy.  I love how vast the sky feels in this piece, how familiar the scene feels to me.  Hot tip: Small art is such an easy way to make a room feel curated!  I can see this landscape on a shelf, or hung above another piece of art.
"Lemons and Limes" - Christy King
I have a thing for still life work.  To me, there is something so romantic about this - it feels like a moment, frozen in time, that we can all relate to.  It feels familiar and nostalgic.  I would pair it with something abstract to make an unexpected little moment. 
Tell us about yourself.
I’m a mom, wife and have my own interior design studio in Newton, Ma – just eight miles from Boston.  My niche has organically become designing interiors for families who want beautiful homes that function well with having active families.  I’ve been lucky enough to work on projects such as renovating old homes for new ways of living – while keeping the soul of the house to decorating homes that simply need a refresh.

What is currently on your nightstand? What are you reading? 

 I love this question!  I keep the top of my nightstand clean from clutter – so there’s just an oversized,  textured lamp from Circa Lighting, my phone charger, and a copy of Glennon Doyle’s Untamed which I am devouring.  Hidden inside the doors of my nightstand are favorite books that I like to revisit – such as pieces from Brene Brown or Geneen Roth.  In my top drawer are my earplugs (I have to wear them – my husband gets up super early), my favorite coconut lip balm from Erin’s Faces, and scrunchies I steal from my daughters.


What is your favorite room in your house? Describe it.

 This is hard for me to answer – I’d say my living room, office and bedroom are tied as my favorites.  As I think of why it’s simply because I’ve taken my time to really think through how I want to feel in these rooms.  Not surprising – they all have art that means something to me.  I have three prints from Kerry Hayes above my bed.  In my office, I have a tiny wall that I refer to as my “blue art wall” and have a mix of original art and prints that are blue.  It’s random but I love it.  My living room is a favorite simply because of my built-in that features a window seat with shelving flanking either side.  The shelves have collections of books, photos, trinkets from trips, and of course, art.  It makes me happy to have those pieces so visible.


The key to making a house a home? What does a home need more of and less of?

Fill it with pieces that you actually love.  I’m talking rugs, furniture, lighting, art.  You should really love what you bring into your home.  Our homes should be a reflection of ourselves, fill them with what makes you happy.  Get rid of anything that feels like it doesn’t speak to you, or serve you well.  Stop buying things just to fill the spaces and wait to find the right piece instead!


The greatest color combination that ever existed?

Ok – I can give you my favorite classic combination – but truth be told, there are so many good combos and truly, it depends on my mood!  However, I will FOREVER love any palette that includes a crisp white, shades of blue and green, and a warm gray.  It’s timeless, fresh, will forever be in favor.