Introducing Guest Curator, Amanda Lindroth! We are always excited to host Guest Curators on the blog but when the days of quarantine are endless and we are dreaming of beaches and coastal patios hosting a design maven who's Bahamian home we've been lusting over has provided this week with some much-needed pep! Amanda is simultaneously sophisticated and playful and is a woman of enviable style in all aspects of life. Growing up in Palm Beach in the '70s, Amanda's formative years living in the style, architecture, and climate of southern Florida have influenced her life and work ever since. After working with major print magazines and various luxury brands in her twenties, Amanda moved to Nassau, Bahamas full time where she used her eye for design to renovate her own home, and later to design the homes of friends, and friends-of-friends... Amanda's work is textural, colorful, and filled with ratan. It is simply dreamy. What a pleasure it is to introduce this talented woman as Well + Wonder's latest guest curator. Welcome, Amanda!

"Leaves Me" and "Well She Grows" by Kit Porter

"I love the Kit Porter's "Leaves Me" and "Well She Grows"…I love the scale and the graphic nature of them. They are a thoroughly modern and spare version of a botanical. They are wonderful".

"Honey Baby" by Hannah Betzel

"I love Hannah Betzel’s, "Honey Baby". I adore pink and coral, yellow, and rosey tones together. They remind me of some YSL collection of the 70’s I think. It is a smashing combo!"

What is currently on your nightstand? What are you reading?

STRAPLESS by Deborah Davis about John Singer Sargent. A photo of Orjan and Eliza. A prayer book was given to me at my Christening. A starched napkin with a water carafe. Possibly a nightcap.

What is your favorite room in your house? Describe it.

My Veranda. It is like a very long room really with lovely Messel Green shutters and railings. It sits three floors above the ground in the height of the palm trees. It has an octagonal “dining Room” at one end that appears to be suspended in the tree line. It is long and lean with three pair of bi-folding French doors. When it is windy or stormy we can close the shutters and enjoy the Veranda like an inside room but with a lovely level of air moving through and the noise of the breeze through the fronds. It is truly magical.

What is the biggest score online?

A 1959 Fiat Jolly I bought 20 years ago.

It is said to look for art that "makes your heart skip a beat." What aspects of art make your heart skip?

I react to things of sheer beauty. That can be many types or genres of art.

What is the benefit of buying art through a collective?

It is great that someone with a great eye has curated a group of painters.

If you have the entire day to spend in an art museum, which one and why?

Musee des Arts et Decoratif in Paris. Two reasons: Paris and Design.

The key to making a house a home? What does a home need more of and less of?

Homes need to be authentic and comfortable. Good upholstery. Pretty art, lots of books, dogs, and children.

The greatest color combination that ever existed?

Pink and any other color really…I am in love with pink and red.

What’s your favorite housewarming gift?

Rita Konig gives amazing pressies. Frederic Malle’s JURASSIC FLOWER Room spray gun…obsessed!

So, tell us a bit about your corner of the world – where do you live and what do you love about it?

I live on an island in the Caribbean. I am blessed beyond words. I live close to the airport too so I can be in Florida in 1 hour, New York in 3 hours and London in 10 hours. Lucky me.