Katie Brown

Katie Brown


A home studio filled with windows overlooking my backyard that I gladly share with my hound dog, Abby


 Acrylic, oil pastel, crayon, origami paper


Katie grew up in Rome, Georgia and was raised by a family full of creatives. Her love for drawing and painting began at a very young age, and she went on to excel in advanced art classes at her alma mater, Darlington School. It wasn’t until college that Katie began taking commission requests from family and friends, and her love for painting turned into a successful “side hustle”. Many years later, thanks to a push from her supportive husband, she finally found the courage to leave her job in real estate and pursue a career in art. You can now find Katie creating bold, colorful artwork in her home studio in Greenville, SC where she lives with her husband (Bates), son (Hank) and rescue hound (Abby).