I have shared sneak peeks and "coming soons" in the past few months of all we have brewing here at Well + Wonder.  I've even introduced Emily who is producing Walls of Wonder and compiling our art go-to's into The Well Collected Guides.  And today, I'm so excited to share another sneak peek - our first video in our Walls of Wonder video series!  Check it out on instagram!

The last three years have been a whirlwind.  And they would not have been accomplished without you—our customers and our amazing artists—who have read our blog posts, liked our Instagram squares, but more importantly you learned to love and support our artists and place their wonderful works in your homes and living spaces.

As we continue to refine Well + Wonder, I always return to our first principles—to the initial spark that created Well & Wonder.  It is our commitment to emerging Southern women artists—a place to showcase their art and a place to listen, inspire, share and collaborate.  It's a place where you can have fun and learn about collecting art in a tangible way.

What began as a small community of friends, clients, and a handful of artists has grown.  We are well on our way to 20,000 followers on Instagram—women (and a few! men) who love our art, derive pleasure from what our artists create, and purchase art to make their homes special.

Going forward we have decided we will limit our group of artists to only 30-40 women.   I say often that there is no shortage of southern female artists with immense talent (that was evident in the over 300 submissions we had at our last artists call!)  We always put great value on introducing our clients to the artist and we want to keep that intimate connection - so that you, our customer, feels like they really are getting to know our artists.

We continue to be so invested in you, the customer.  We are creating Walls of Wonder and The Well Collected Guides for you because we heard you when you said "more help, please!"   We have gone to clients' home (when it's possible!), we've skype-assisted in gallery hanging, and we are always excited to share our favorite frame shops across the south east.  We want to remain committed to helping you begin your collection and grow your collection because we have seen the power in how collecting original art can transform a house into a home filled with joy and memories.   Simply put, it feels like the right next step for Well + Wonder.  And additionally, our artists continue to invest in Well + Wonder with vigor! They believe, as you do, that Well +Wonder is a true community committed to enriching and empowering the lives of Southern women through the power of art.  So thank you to our artists and our clients, we can't wait to share more!  And as always, we'd love to hear from you.  Have a question or a want to find out more about partnering with us on this, drop Emily an email (emily@wellandwondercollective.com).