We blinked and another year has almost come and gone. And we would be remiss not to shop our stash and claim our favorites before the year and major gifting is through. As in years past, we've made our lists, and passed them along to all of our friends, loved ones, and most importantly our Santa. Trust us when we say that our hints as to what art we wouldn't mind finding under the tree come December 25th have not been subtle....you reading this Santa? It's not all about us, though, each member of the Well + Wonder team also pulled a few paintings they are planning on giving. Keep reading to see what us girls are giving this holiday season.  

Mollie - "Louverne" by Kelley Ogburn

Because the last time I slept on Kelley's face painting she sold out from under me and I have the perfect spot for this moody figure (in her gorgeous custom frame) in my dark green cozy den.  I'll be ready for my winter hibernation!

Emily - "Emily" by Lily Chambers

Not sure I should admit this, but sometimes the HER I’m shopping for at Christmas time is myself! I’ve been admiring Lily Chambers’ textile inspired paintings since she released them earlier this year. I’m loving everything green right now, and the saturated colors with the natural wood frame is such a great compliment. The title isn’t so bad either!

Dory - "Magenta No. 10" by Kelley Ogburn

Looks like the Blackey girls to me! I love the magenta and the movement and variation of the sketch in this Kelley Ogburn piece.  AND that fabulous frame. One of my three sisters will be unwrapping this Christmas morning. 

Connor - "Caladiums and Zinnias" by Kristin Durham

My sister has told me point blank that she would "really like more art" and then proceeded to list her Well + Wonder faves. Kristin Durham made the cut and topped her favorite chart. The detail and dimension of this collage is something special, so if Sister Catherine doesn't love I'll just keep it for myself ;).


Mollie - "A-Ok" by Maggie Stickney

Because Maggie nails the modern day still life with her play of color and shade.  My husband loves beer and I love a soft pink background.  That's a win-win if you ask me.

Emily - "Boss" by Charlotte Fraser

The detail in Charlotte Fraser’s work is off the charts. Her skill as a painter is captivating and so impressive. The way the crab is standing so poised on her tip toes with the impressive claw outstretched is so BOSS. My husband jokingly refers to me as boss, and I think he’d get a kick out of receiving this gift!

Dory - "Reclined" by Caroline Gray

I have been obsessed with these two-tone silhouettes since I first laid eyes on them!  So many things to love: it is amazing what Caroline can do with only two colors, the retro yet classic feel, simple to place, AND I how these pieces leave space for you to fill in your own story where the details are left out - to me this one is golden hour in Kentucky and how good that first beer tastes after a long summer day on the farm!  IYKYK

Connor - "Low Tide Cordgrass in January" by Christy King

I'm still out here looking for my "Him" BUT if you fail to plan then you plan to fail.  Christy King releases Carolina Costs paintings every summer and I fell in love with this painting immediately. The colors used are soft and rich and the painting feels so handsome to me! My future self will be thanking current me, for all of the gifts I've been brainstorming.

Mollie - "Three Olives or Else" by Kimberly Zukley

For my best friend who is very particular about her dirty martini and prefers her olives pimento stuffed.  How perfect is this last little painting (on paper, mounted on painted wood panel) by Kimberly that can't help but make you smile?

Emily - "Rosette Forme" by Kristin Shearer

Kristin Shearer’s Rossette Forme reminds me of the Mark Rothko paintings I used to admire everyday when working at the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC. This painting is vibrant, interesting and modern - I would love to gift this to a close friend with an affinity for bright colors!

Dory - "Who's Right?" by Lexie Armstrong

Lexie Armstrong’s watercolors are sweet, classic, unique and could go anywhere.  I will slide these hares into an inexpensive frame for my sweet, classic, and unique friend.

Connor - "Blue Winter" & "Green Spring" by Paige Smythe

I am currently in the thick of a life season filled with weddings and babies. So, for gifting I look no further than the print shop. Paige Smythe's silhouette's are incredibly sweet and a gift that will grow and go with a baby and will serve as a sweet momento to all of the Mama's I love. 

Mollie - "Blue Mini Flower Quilt", "Lavender Mini Flower Quilt", & "Periwinkle Mini Flower Quilt" by Melvin. G.

Francie is basically designing her "tween room" (her words, not mine) around these three pieces.  I have been lucky enough to see Morgan's poked holes pieces in person and I wish everyone could - they are amazing!

Emily - "Clara and the Soldier" by Meghean Warner

The nostalgia of Meghean’s collage work gets me every time! They are magical and full of joy. Not to mention framed in cool acrylic boxes. My son was just a toy soldier in his 3rd grade Nutcracker play, I’d love to hang this in our playroom as a reminder of the fun he had in his role.

Dory - "Mint to Be" by Shelby Monteverde

The girls got ducklings for their birthdays last spring and have tended to them everyday since.  Needless to say, we love ducks around here and this piece is coming to the farm.  I am a huge fan of Shelby Monteverde and her prints are such an affordable way to enjoy her work.

Connor - "Seasons of Change III" by Savannah Jewell

With a title like "Seasons of Change" I would be a fool not to gift this Savannah Jewell painting to the littles in my life. A painting to see them through the seasons of life, any little boy or girl or any grown daughter or son should be thrilled with a few Savannah painting to start or grow their art collection.