It's that time of year again. That time where we shop our stash, make our lists, and pass them along to all of our friends, loved ones, and most importantly our Santa. If you fail to plan then you plan to fail - are we right? Our gallery walls are currently bursting with work from our fall releases and cutie little things from Small Works and this influx of incredible Well + Wonder artwork has us in the mood for all things Holiday! We have all of the sudden found ourselves in the thick of holiday shopping and the Well + Wonder gallery is looking reeeaalll good and stocked with too many giftable items. Each member of the Well + Wonder team pulled a few paintings they are planning on giving, as well as a few they wouldn't mind receiving.....heeey Santa 👋🏻, keep reading to see what we are planning to gift and maybe, more importantly, what's on our wish lists!

Mollie - "Table for Two" by Kristin Cronic

Not only has my mom's favorite color  (blue!) but it also reminds me of how we can sit and talk for hours - even after everyone else has left the restaurant.  I could stare at this paintings for hours!

Emily - "Beach Landscape VI" and "Beach Landscape IV" by Clarence Deaton

I chose Clarence Deaton’s "Beach Landscape VI" and "Beach Landscape IV" for my mother in law because her beach house is such a haven for our big family. The cutout detail is striking, and the colorful acrylic paper is a fun compliment to any well loved family space. 

Dory -"Loren" by Kellie Ogburn 

Everyone needs a figure in their home so I am doing my MIL a favor and gifting this subtle stunner to elevate her space — and possibly, her friends’ eyebrows! ;)

Connor - "Floral Pattern III" by Melvin G

My mother is currently renovating her home and is in desperate need of "artwork under glass" (her words). I can't help but think that "Floral Pattern III" by Morgan Walker would fit the bill perfectly. Framed ~under glass~ with a fun colored mat? Watch out Heindel family dining room - you're getting a face lift!

Mollie - "Around the Green 1" & "Around the Green 2" by Rebekah Webb

It had been awhile since I had been to my husband's office and when I was visiting recently I remembered how desperately he needs to brighten up those drab walls!!  As a golfer he would love to have Around the Green 1 & 2 to remind him of some of his favorite west coast courses

Emily - "Dining Outdoors II" by Chloe Wood

For my husband William, I chose Chloe Wood’s "Dining Outdoors II". He loves a good oyster roast! Chloe’s subtle splash of color in the background paired with these shapes, color choices and pencil drawing are so interesting to see in person. I know we’d love hanging this in our home. 

Dory -"Changing Time" by Lexie Armstrong 

My difficult-to-shop-for and opinionated-on-artwork husband will LOVE this super interesting oil landscape.  It is neutral and masculine but cheery, and has just the right amount of looseness.  Thank you for making my job easy this year, Lexie!

Connor - "#crushcore" by Connor Heindel

Here I am, on the Well + Wonder blog, asking it's followers to set her up with a hottie. In all seriousness and in an act of shameless self promotion "#crushcore" by an effort to make a floral "cool". IMHO this painting is incredibly handsome and fitting for any of the gentleman in your life. If I had a "HIM" I most certainly would give him the gift of me for Christmas. 

Mollie - "Girls Night" by Janelle Martinez Cruz

Janelle Martinez Cruz's Girl's Night is perfect for my best friend who loves pink and loves a good GNO!

Emily -"Peachy Pom I" by Lindsey Porter

I’d love to give one of Lindsey Porter’s Peachy Pom limited edition prints to a friend this season. They’re sophisticated, and I think this touch of outdoor beauty would work in just about any home.

Dory -"Florals and Friends 8" by Kim Hassold

For my best girl and hostess with the mostest!  She embodies the color, quirk, and good time that Kim captures here. 

Connor - "Snapshot IV" by Caroline Gray

I know for a fact that friend, new homeowner, and roommate Anna would love this framed landscaped by Caroline Gray. She purchased a "Snapshot" for herself early last week and I think one more would perfectly complete her her new walls. 

Mollie - "Marisol's Dress" by EMYO

All the little girls in my life are getting a copy of Marisol's Dress, Emyo's paperdoll kit and a Brave and Loved necklace to remind them that they are braved and loves.   Thank you Emyo for making this Christmas sweeter with your book and your unparralleled creativity!  This Mom is happy to be giving gifts with meaning rather than plastic toys!

Emily - "Pink Ball Bounce" by Shelby Monteverde

My daughter Jane came to one of my tennis matches recently and decided she wants to play more, which I’m all for!! I’d love to hang one of Shelby Monteverde’s prints in her room. Her paintings evoke feeling and nostalgia in the best way. 

Dory - Bless Her Heart by Chloe Wood

For the second floor playroom, I mean for the babies.  We are going sophisticated and fun, which these flamingos would agree - they most definitely are.  Love the scale, and so will the littles now and forever.

Connor - "Fern Friends" & "Green Shoots" by Paige Smythe

No need to belabor the point...and am still taking any and all suggestions re hotties...needless to say, I am not yet a mother. This all being said, Paige Smythe (one of the kindest souls you will ever meet) creates the sweetest "Love Bunches" in the softest color palettes. Any little boy or girl or any grown daughter or son should be thrilled with a few Paige Smythe paintings to start or grow their art collection.