It started with our fall releases, which then led to our Small Works Show the influx of incredible Well + Wonder artwork has us in the mood for all things Holiday! We have all of the sudden found ourselves in the thick of holiday shopping and the Well + Wonder gallery is looking reeeaalll good and stocked with too many giftable items. Each member of the Well + Wonder team pulled a few paintings they are planning on giving, as well as a few they wouldn't mind receiving.....heeey Santa 👋🏻, keep reading to see what's on our wish lists!


Mollie - Bonefish Junk by Lexie Armstrong & Bump In the Road by April Sanders

I couldn't choose just one gift this year. So for my husband who enjoys fishing I think "Bonefish Junk" by Lexie Armstrong is the perfect masculine art gift. And then for him (for me) "Bump In the Road" by April Sanders. April's understanding of color provides such depth to this bright yet subtle abstract painting. And everyone knows when you gift the man in your life art, it's a win-win, right? 

Emily -Lator Gator I - Chloe Wood

My husband William is a Florida boy at heart. Chloe Wood is a friend of ours, and I just love the dynamic nature of her mixed media works on paper. I believe the Later Gator series is masculine given the handsome colors yet also feminine given the shape of the palm frond. I think he'd love to hang this over our bar or in his office!

Dory -Cards On the Table by Chloe Wood

What can I say, Dad is a big oyster guy.

Connor - Cantaloupe and Blue I and Cantaloupe and Blue II by Nan Jones

I do not have a husband or a boyfriend (could this be my call to action...ahem slightly-desperate plea, for the internet to help find me a BF living in Atlanta between the ages of 27 and 30 something?!) so when I think of gifts for HIM I skew father/brother. Nan Jone’s paintings “Cantaloupe and Blue I” and “Cantaloupe and Blue II” are incredibly handsome and I know either of the Hadley’s in my life would love to have them in their office. 


Mollie - Daffodilsby Caroline Gray

For my mother who adores flowers and prefers her artwork to be a bit more traditional I just love Caroline Gray's Daffodils.  Caroline is such a talented up and coming artist in Birmingham and we adore her small oil still life paintings and my mother adores daffodils.

Emily -No. 19 The Mini Lady - Navy 1 &Low Country Playing Cards by Chloe Wood

I've been eyeing our Neely and Chloe Mini Lady bags since their release! The quality is fantastic, and I just love the way Caroline Chriss has hand painted this one with a nostalgic bather jumping off of the clasp. I think my mother and my mother-in-law would fall in love with this! 

I'd have to throw in a deck of Chloe Wood's playing cards since they're both avid bridge players.

Dory -Remember Me Darling #9 & Remember Me Darling #10by Kellie Lawler

My MIL will love this elegant, feminine pair.

Connor -Peachy Poms I (12" x 16") & Peachy Poms II (12" x 16") by Lindsey Porter

Much like myself, my sister is a fan of all things green and Lindsey Porter can do green and floral so so well! Catherine is officially in an apartment with big blank walls and either Peachy Poms I or II would bring some bright and fun to her new grown-up space! 


Mollie - Fig and Blossom I (12" x 16") by Lindsey Porter

For my best friend who has been admiring Lindsey Porter's work for years I can't wait to gift her her latest print!  Fig and Blossom I in the 12x16" size will be  perfect for her growing art collection and these prints are such high quality that it's hard to tell the difference between print and original!  

Emily -Curious Woman by Lizzy Love

Lizzy Love's ladies are so striking in form and color. I can't help but feel inspired when I see one, especially this confident  Curious Woman. I'd love to share this with a dear friend around the holidays.

Dory -No. 9 The Flat Clutch - White 4

My dear friend heads to the Bahamas in January - and she will be taking this along with her!

Connor -Ebony Spleenwort & Christmas Fern by Christy King

Christy King has some of the best botanical collages around! When I look at “Ebony Spleenwort” and “Christmas Fern” I imagine them jazzing up the walls in a beautiful Nancy Meyers style kitchen. Now someone throw a party so I can gift you a collage! 


Mollie -For You Too IVby Annie King

For my daughter's growing art collection I'd love to add Annie King's For You Too IV.  Not only does it have a bit of her favorite shade of pink but Francie adores Annie's video and Walls of Wonder post on Blasting Your Worries Away.  She loves that fine artists such as Annie use spray paint in their work.  

Emily - Snowy Egret by Millie Sims

Since I already purchased artwork for my daughter, my son Ford will benefit from this Gift Guide! He loves the outdoors, and we have frequent egret sightings in Jacksonville. Millie's prints are such high quality, I'd love to frame this for his bedroom in a bright blue or green frame to remind him of his natural habitat!

Dory -Tan and White Pairby Lexie Armstrong

My daughter is moving into her big girl room after Christmas (make way for baby!) and these bunnies will make the transition extra special. 

Connor -Tall Reeds by Sarah Wynne

Now, I am not a mother (still taking any and all suggestions…) so, please keep in mind that my budget is imaginary… At 27-years-old I am officially starting to curate my living space and to collect art that I know I will love for years to come. Luckily, I’ve had some help and have “borrowed” artwork from my Mom’s collection. To that end, I cannot help but think that an amazing gift for a little boy or girl would be a large painting! I been in love with “Tall Reeds” by Sarah Wynne ever since it hit Well + Wonder’s walls and I can only imagine that a son/daughter would love having this painting just as much 20 years from now. This is very much a “you’ll really appreciate this when you are older gift” but who cares! At least as the gift giver you can enjoy the beauty in the meantime.