It started with our fall releases, which then led to our Small Works Show the influx of incredible Well + Wonder artwork has us in the mood for all things Holiday! We know, we know it's hardly Thanksgiving...but we just can't help it the gallery is stocked with too many good gifts not to share! Each member of the Well + Wonder team pulled a few paintings they are planning on giving, as well as a few they wouldn't mind receiving.....heeey Santa 👋🏻, keep reading to see what's on our wish lists!

For my Mom:

"Foraged Flowers 1" by Christy King.  For the woman who taught me about the beauty in a simply garden picked daisy and for the woman who loves a good blue and white stripe I couldn't think of a more appropriate gift than this sweet oil painting from Christy.

For my BFF:

For my best friend (who I haven't seen in over a year or met her precious new baby) I would love to give "Take Me to the River No. 1".  It will remind us of our favorite meeting spot - Sea Island, GA and those spectacular marsh views!

For my Sister-in-law:

For my sister-in-law who fills her home in Florida with lots of bright color, I would love to give her one of Susie's new Swatch paintings.  And for my dear SIL, the bolder the better so I am thinking "Swatch No. 2" would be a perfect fit!

For the hostess gift:

Sadly there isn't a need for many hostess gifts this year but for my friends and family that are opening up their patios for some fun and safe holiday cheer they definitely deserve a thoughtful gift!  I love these Upcycled journal works from Sarah Ella Cole and would pop one in a magnetic acrylic frame so it's shelf ready upon delivery!

For Me:

It's 2020 do we even need another reason than to treat yourself this holiday?!  It's been a year, y'all.  And for me, I'd like "Egypt Lane" over my mantle when Santa comes down the chimney this year.  That pop of red is to die for!

For my Mother-in-law: 

My in-laws just renovated their kitchen and happen to have a Meyer lemon tree that produces the most lemons you’ve ever seen! Christie Younger’s Lemons in Blue Chinoiserie would be right at home in their new kitchen. I love the way the colors pop off of the neutral background, and the texture will stop viewers in their tracks.

For my Goddaughter:

 As soon as I saw Kim Hassold’s Angel series I thought of the Christmas pageant at my childhood church in Lexington, KY where my best friend and I were angels together. A few years ago our daughters (God-sisters) were angels together in the very same church, pure magic captured by Kim’s Angel 7.

For my Daughter: 

For Jane, it’s an easy choice - Kim Hassold’s Angel 5 so she can share the memory with her God-sister in Birmingham.

For my Husband: 

Mother nature has been the ultimate source of healing for my husband William and I through the quarantine months. Whether it’s the beach or the river, water and fresh air like the scene in Chloe Wood’s The Paths put a big smile on his face. Bonus - Chloe lives a few blocks away and is a good friend of ours. I’d have so much fun finding a mat and frame for this beauty, and he needs some art to spruce up his home office!

For my Sister-in-law: 

All three of my sister-in-laws would swoon over Paige Smyth’s Ranunculus 4. The deep coral color speaks to me, and Paige’s attention to detail is remarkable. I could see this right at home in a powder room, kitchen or family room.

For my Mom:

An ode to my Mom’s yellow kitchen! Even though the kitchen is no longer painted butter yellow or has the brown (blame it on the 90’s) granite counter tops, in my minds eye her kitchen will always need a pop of her favorite color. Eleanor-Scott Davis’s painting “Finding Your Way, Eight” is the perfect showpiece for hanging in those small kitchen spaces or propping on the counter. It is the perfect updated yellow - no 90’s trends in sight!

For my Brother:

For the bachelor apartment that could use a little bit of art and little zhuzh. Any painting from Kerry Hays’ series latest body of work would be perfect. I think this series is so funky yet still handsome. Hadley will also dig the fact that it’s on antique braille paper - how cool. It’s perfect for a 28-year-old! "Braille II" is my personal fave.

For my Sister:

ABP! Always. Be. Promoting. What better way to spread the good word than by getting your younger sister to spread it for you! A full-out shameless plug, but I think my painting “Got Her Dancing” would be a showstopper in any recent college graduates apartment. The painting is vibrant, fun, and I like to think has a young worry-less spirit just like baby-of-the-family Catherine. 

For the Hostess:

While this year has been odd? the worst? and holiday gatherings are virtual or non-existent I still think that every hostess deserves a little something. Cheyenne Trunnell's latest landscape drawings are so sweet and a painting that any holiday hostess would love to receive. I especially love this one titled “Joy”who doesn’t need more joy in their lives this year?!

For my Roommate:

The girl loves herself some blue/green tones and has told me repeatedly that she loves Nan Jone’s work (I guess it’s finally time to take the hint). Nan’s painting “Coastal Comfort - Poweder Blue IV" is the essence of Roommate Anna but her latest work from her Pivot series is too tempting!

For my Mother:  

Roses & Thistle by Kate Waddell would be perfect in place of the bouquet I wish I could send my mom everyday!  She will love Kate’s dynamic approach to still-life and, being the put-together farm girl she is, the juxtaposition and incorporation of roses and thistle.  

For my Sisters:

I recently settled in Birmingham, AL and would love to introduce my sisters to an artist local to me and new to Well + Wonder, AK Hardeman.  While my sisters are attracted to similar things, their homes have slightly different styles, and thanks to Walls of Wonder, we know AK’s work can be beautifully placed in so many different spaces!  With AK's art in their homes, it will be just like the four of us - the same, but different!

For the Hostess:

I would love to buy up Amanda Petro's Mosaiques to have on hand - they are a great price point, size, and amount of cheer!

For my Children:  

Baby Jane would surely be entranced by the contrast of Paige Smythe’s Ranunculus 2!  And momma would love to see it hanging with her Great Aunt’s handmade needlepoint.

For my Husband:  

Oh he would love “Cocktail Hour” by our very own Connor Heindel!  His favorite hour of the day, I mean week, and Connor’s work is SO interesting - what a perfect piece to study over and over again with a drink in your hand!  Plus the colors remind me of his Southwestern hometown, Tulsa.