Ooooooohh Atlanta, we hear you calling!! We could not be more excited as we prepare to launch Well + Wonder’s latest passion project, The Well Collected Guide, later this month. The Well Collected Guide Atlanta to be exact. If you’re up on your blog post reading you may have heard rumblings of this concept and we want to take a moment today to share a high-level overview of what this is all about. 

First of all, we have been listening to you! We’ve heard all of your art questions and value them more than you know. Our ultimate goal is to be a trusted resource to the Well + Wonder community we love and admire…artists, clients, friends, interior designers, framing establishments, and the list goes on and on.  The Well Collected Guide (or “TWCG”) will be an online guide to experts in your area who we have worked with and wholeheartedly recommend to enrich your art collecting experience.

We’re kicking this all off in Atlanta because the number of collectors and businesses we work with in this area is significant, and so is the city's art influence!  We cannot wait to introduce you to Atlanta's powerhouse group of women in art related businesses later this month and roll out our TWCG dedicated website pages and Instagram “Highlights”. 

Look for this "Featured In" logo (above) on the websites of our members over the next few months!  We will be launching more cities in the months to come and will keep you informed as TWCG continues to grow.

Email me directly ( with any questions, always love hearing from you!! 

Xx, Emily