Working with so many wonderful artists we are lucky to have a peek within the artistic process. From ideation to execution we are consistently impressed by the amazing talent of our artists. What surprises us most, however, is the transformation a great frame can have on a work of art. Not only does framing set the artwork off by highlighting its beauty, it also has the ability to unify and to complete a space. We have seen this transformation many times over in our own homes as well as in the homes of our clients, most recently, however, we were reminded of the difference a great frame can make!

Our artist Lexie Armstrong paints beautiful large ink botanicals.  Lexie and I both agreed that we were looking for a finishing touch and of course we found that with framing. Not only did the frame polish off the ink peony, it also accentuated the natural beauty of the medium and material of the artwork.


 Needless to say, heading into this new year we are inspired to organize our lives and to start the year in a good frame of mind.  (And are we the only ones who pile small works on paper in the corner of our office?!  Don't be like us!!  Send your works away to be framed and hang them on your walls!)  Our online framer of choice is Simply Framed and that is who we entrusted with Lexie's botanicals.  To framing more art in 2018!  Happy New Year, friends!