As hard as I try to keep this summer from slip-sliding away, it is time to face the harsh reality that it is coming to an end. Before I stop hanging wet swimsuits to dry in the sun or finally finish unpacking from our beach vacation, I thought I would share a few things that made this summer one to remember (and some things I hope to get in before September 21, aka the official official end to my favorite season).

Discovering the amazing versatility and absorbency of theTurkish towel. Not only did it make the pool bag a little lighter (way less bulky than your average beach towel), but I was able to throw it around me like a sarong wrap for those times my children would scream while in the pool “I NEED TO GO POTTY” causing me to pull them out of the pool and make a mad dash to the bathroom (please tell me I am not the only one that knows this situation all too well). Lucky for you the Serena and Lily Fouta Beach Towel is on sale! Seriously...these towels are a must for summer.

Taking a trip down memory lane. When I was a camp counselor (a long time ago) for the summer the only thing we listened to was 90’s R&B. Lucky for me, I found thisplaylist on Spotify that ignited so many fun memories of talent shows, water balloon games, and tie-dye shirt making that all took place withNo Diggity by Blackstreetplaying in the background.

I continue to be amazed by the “take my breath away” talent of the artists in the Well + Wonder Collective. A few of the paintings give me all of the summer feels are Deep by Lindsey Meyer ,  Palm to Palm IV by Amanda Norman and Saltwater Taffy by Hannah Betzel .   Perhaps a summer gallery wall is in order?

Summer is my favorite food and drinks season. Grilling fresh seafood while sipping a cool cocktail and enjoying the bountiful summer all just seems to taste better in the summer months. I have eaten my weight in BLT sandwiches and found the blog post How To Make The Best BLT Sandwich – Pro Tips from a Professional by Joy the Baker very helpful. While Rosé All Day was my go to on these hot summer days (Whispering Angelis my favorite!) I ventured out of my comfort zone and tested THE AVETTS MADE ME DO IT from Garden & Gun. It did not disappoint, and this one might just carry over into the fall. Finally, I am hoping to make ice cream nachosthat I found on this delicious and beautiful blog, Oh So Delicioso. Nachos + Ice Cream = dreams do come true!

So there you have it. Clearly, summer is my favorite. While I will miss it so, it will be back. What are you going to miss most about the summer slip-sliding into fall? How do you hang on to the summer vibe? I would love to hear your stories and inspiration!