We see you spring…. In Kentucky this comes in the form of tornado-like weather, constant sneezing, and if you’re me, shuffling everything around in your house.  So with January and new resolutions we Marie Kondo’d everything and for awhile, we were really digging the minimalist vibe, but now spring is coming and we love zhush’ing things up a bit.  New pillows are on order from Etsy, a new rug scored from Everything But The House is looking fly (aka, covering the dog stains on our large sisal rug), and ALL.THE.ART is moving around the house.

We have been helping a few clients place and sort their gallery walls and while we were playing around on photoshop, we couldn’t help but create our own Rotate + Refresh Spring Inspired Gallery Wall featuring our favorite new pieces to place over our kitchen banquette.  Our walls in our kitchen are white and I am constantly rotating the art over the table where we eat as a family.  My children love talking about the paintings and are especially fond of Kathleen Jones’ CHINs (as am I!!)  We have one of her smaller ones, but I am really digging CHIN 21 and think the blue leopard would really round out this collection.  So hit me, are you moving everything around in your house during spring cleaning?  If you want us to help you pull together a gallery wall, please let me know!  It’s one of our favorite things to do around here and our husband would probably appreciate if we put down the hammer for a bit (plaster walls around here, yikes!)