We are beyond thrilled to introduce you all to Julianne David of Columbus, Georgia! Julianne has been a longtime artist and doesn't remember a time in her life where she wasn't excited about some form of art. She is so grateful for this God given passion for creating! She attended the Savannah College of Art and Design and majored in fashion and also took a number of photography courses. It was there, while learning how to draw designs on the human figure that she discovered her love for painting and sculpting the form in all its many different poses. After graduating she moved to New York City where she was able to truly explore her love of art and fashion. She met her now husband, Kendrick David in New York and in 2008 they moved to Columbus, GA. Today she raises three beautiful and active boys and spends most days in her studio. She is constantly trying new ideas on canvas and paper of all types and loves and array of art from nudes to abstracts, and most recently florals. She truly feels that her family is her greatest inspiration and her artistic journey is enhanced by the love and support that they shower her with.⁠ Julianne's innagural Well + Wonder release is Tuesday at 10am EST (mark those calendars) BUT until then read all about the artist behind the paintbrush in our latest post Pardon Me, Julianne David?

What is currently on your nightstand?

A Sketch book! Laneige lip sleeping mask, must have! Water, also a must have. I have a few books about how to raise boys (we have 3 boys) , a daily devotional book and reading glasses (my eyes at 40 have just decided to be lazy).

Who is your biggest influence as an artist and why?

Always the hardest question for me…. Its always changing but, Pablo Picasso is a pretty stable influence for me. I just love the way he could manipulate lines in a way that first was so effortless to him, and second turned out so beautiful! There is a documentary on him that is just amazing. I wish I could remember the name of it!

I am in love with art by William McClure, It’s just so different from mine and its just cool. It has a more masculine look to me. His large scale abstracts are insane! He also can transform a room with his interior decorating and design mixed with his crazy DIY talent. Jealous!

Tell us about your childhood. What is the most memorable moment as a young person?

My childhood was just wonderful. Truly, I have dream parents that love each other to death. I have 3 incredible sisters, one being an identical twin. My most memorable times were spent on the water with my family and friends. Being from Mobile, I grew up going to Gulf shores, AL. or Fairhope, AL. We lived on Ono Island during the Summer. There are too many fantastic memories to write about.

After college I lived in New York, also to many fantastic memories to write about, but most memorable, I met my handsome husband, Kendrick!

If you could only have one supply in your art studio, what would it be and why?

This is hard but ill say right now it would be R & F oil sticks. They are so fun and I highly recommend anyone trying them out. They are very versatile in that you can get a look like a crayon or you can blend it and make it look really soft and smooth. Obsessed!

What is your favorite room in your house? Describe it.

Our living room is my absolute favorite. My house has an oriental style to it and the living room is just really open with one wall being all windows. It has a vaulted, wood paneled ceiling and a big fireplace, which we have taken full advantage of lately. We have a sectional sofa that all 5 of us can fit on. That’s the best part.

What is your biggest score online?

Oooh, my Peter Keil paintings. Im a huge fan of Peter Keil and I hunt his paintings to try to find them at a good price. I recently found some big, beautiful paintings of the faces that he does for an awesome price. Im in love!

What is the benefit of buying art through a collective?

What do you recommend for those that are new to buying original art? The benefit of buying art through a collective is that a buyer can go to one place and have an enormous library of different styles, media, subject, sizes…etc.

For those who are buying new art I absolutely recommend that you pick something you love and don’t be swayed by others opinions. You know the saying, “one mans trash is another mans treasure?” This is the beauty of art and artists. Everyone has different tastes in art and what they like. Also don’t let the questions of “where in the world will I put this piece?” Stop you from buying some fabulous art. You will find a place for it if you love it!

If you have the entire day to spend in an art museum, which one and why?

Museu Picasso! First, its in Barcelona. How amazing to be surrounded by all of that Picasso goodness?

What is your favorite hotel and what makes it special?

Wow, I need to travel more…

I have to say, the Four Seasons in Nevis is gorgeous. This is where Kendrick and I went on our Honeymoon, over 15 years ago (uuuhhhmmm, need to go back) and it will always be special to me for that reason.

But y’all if you’re headed to Disney anytime soon, we stayed at the Grande Floridian with our 3 boys recently… it was awesome!

If you were a lipstick color would you be red, pink, or clear and why?

Ooooh I think i’d be pink. Standing out just enough to be different from others. A good balance of standing out and blending inn.

I can never get on a plane without….

Candy and my sketch book and pencil

How did you get into the world of art?

There has been some sort of aspect of art in my life from as far back as I truly can remember. I distinctly remember in 1st grade staying after school to finish my art projects. I mentioned before that I am a twin and fun fact, I would very much follow my twin sister, Maribeth with whatever she did (honestly didnt even realize it growing up). When we graduated high school I naturally followed her and went to Auburn University, and really loved it. It wasn’t until my junior year that I realized “I really want to focus on art, and specifically photography” which really wasn’t offered at Auburn so I transferred to the Savannah College of Art and Design. Its funny because my parents did not think I would make the move because I was so attached to my sister, it was normal, I promise. Hahaha! But when I did move and was surrounded by all of these wonderful art outlets I was just in my happy place. I switched my focus to fashion design and that’s where I learned to draw the human figure. I had to draw the figure in order to show how my fashion designs would drape on the body.

What do you do to relax?

A sofa and a movie is all I need

When do you get the biggest surge of inspiration?

I am greatly inspired when I can’t be in my studio… sounds weird I know but those days when I have other obligations that pull me away from my art are the days when I think of all the different things I want to paint!

Prediction for the Color of 2025?

Only because I’m obsessed, I think some sort of green, in the olive green family

What is your idea of a date night? Dinner and a movie or dancing all night?

My idea of a great date night, hmmm I have to say that is a down to the hour before sort of decision. Kendrick and I went out to dinner for the first time in an while last week and we just were able talk to each other and that’s what we did for the next couple of hours. Talking and catching up is hard to do with 3 boys, and all the different schedules. On the other hand, my husband can dance y’all, and its always just the best when we get to cut a rug all night long.

Tell us about your favorite painting that you have created.

Wow… so hard to answer this. There is absolutely some sort of attachment to every piece I’ve painted. There are several different styles of paintings that I do. I sold 2 large bird paintings that looked like panels, they were done in watercolor and gold leaf and they were hard to let go but oh my word I recently saw a picture of them, framed and hung in the buyers home and they were meant for that space.

I just recently sold a 48x48 abstract that I was on board to keep. It reminded me of home because I used a combination of my mothers favorite colors. Hard to let go again, but as an artist that feeling really does leave once you see how happy the buyers are!

One piece of advice for buying original art?

Original art can be expensive, and for good reason. Someone poured their heart, time and money into that piece. If you want to buy and original piece of art set a goal date of when you want to go buy. For example if you have a milestone birthday coming up you can say “ for my 30th birthday I am going to buy an original piece Julianne David” wink wink. Or “every year I am going to buy an original piece of art.” This gives you time to save up!