If there’s one thing you know about us it’s that we are not the best at keeping secrets and if there’s one thing we’ve learned from y’all it’s that you love bold color! And this news is too good not to share! Tomorrow is the day and we are welcoming Texas-based artist Helen Lary as she launches her latest collection of abstract paintings in our collection. We are thrilled to welcome Helen to our roster of talented artists and are thrilled to finally make her introduction. We cannot wait for y'all to see more of her work but until then, get to know the woman behind the paintbrush by reading her responses to our rapid-fire questions below. Welcome, Helen! 

What is currently on your nightstand?

A lot of skincare, a sound machine and a bowl with hair clips, chapstick and chocolates!

Who is your biggest influence as an artist and why?

I’ve always been very drawn to Matisse, Monet and Helen Frankenthaler. Their color theory is so mesmerizing. I also had two Renoir prints in my childhood bedroom and I remember loving their softness and how they seemed so light and airy.

Tell us about your childhood. What is the most memorable moment as a young person?

I would say that as a kid, my favorite memories revolved around traveling. My mom is from Mexico and we would spend the summers there every year visiting family, running around with the local kids and spending time at the beach.

Another memorable, yet difficult, moment was when I was diagnosed with stage 3 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma right after I graduated college. It was no doubt the hardest season of my life, but I was lucky enough to walk away with a healthy body, a stronger faith in God and a different perspective of the world around me. I am more attuned to the little beauties in this life and to me, that is such a gift!

If you could only have one supply in your art studio, what would it be and why?

Hands down, oil sticks. I create a lot of my details with them and I just love the vibrancy of the colors.

What is your favorite room in your house? Describe it.

Probably my dining room. It’s a mix of styles with an antique Murano chandelier and a vintage French mirror from my grandmother, mixed with a bright, bold rug and a giant piece of art that I painted. I don’t think I’m quite finished with the space, but I do love that it’s where we all come together to eat and dive into everyone’s days.

What is your biggest score online?

Probably something random from Amazon!

What is the benefit of buying art through a collective? What do you recommend for those that are new to buying original art?

I love love love an art collective! What a perfect way for new buyers to dip their toes into the art world. They get to peruse lots of beautiful art in different styles and pricing levels and know that they been curated by professionals who have seen it all. It’s a win win for new buyers!

If you have the entire day to spend in an art museum, which one and why?

Does Versailles count? A day wandering through the palace and beautiful gardens of Versailles is such a special day full of ceiling murals, portrait collections and intricate furniture. It really is breathtaking!

What is your favorite hotel and what makes it special?

I love the Four Season in Punta Mita.  My in laws have a time share there and we head to Punta Mita as soon as school gets out every summer. It’s our home away from home.

If you were a lipstick color would you be red, pink, or clear and why?

I think I’m a good mix!

I can never get on a plane without….

Headphones, a book, trail mix and chapstick.

How did you get into the world of art?

I honestly fell into it when my husband and I bought a new home and I needed to fill up some wall space. After that I started to paint for friends and family and then it somehow snowballed into a small business! I had no plans to start a business, but it turns out that my whole path before me had prepared me to where I am today. I’m so grateful and honored to create pieces for peoples homes. It makes my heart happy to know that my pieces bring people joy.

What do you do to relax?

There’s not much relaxing around here with my 3 kiddos and all their activities, but I do love to sneak in a massage every few weeks and I love to travel any chance I get. For me, traveling is the best of both worlds…I recharge my batteries AND I usually come home with another collection in mind!

When do you get the biggest surge of inspiration?

I’d have to say when I’m outside in nature or traveling. Sometimes, all I have to see is a color combination and my mind is off dreaming of something to paint.

Prediction for the Color of 2025?

Ooo, I am down for some bright color in 2025. A spearmint green or teal would be fun!

What is your idea of a date night? Dinner and a movie or dancing all night?

Dinner and a movie(or a foot spa) sounds heavenly nowadays!

Tell us about your favorite painting that you have created.

One of my favorite paintings has to be the piece I created for my daughter’s nursery right after she was born. It is bright, cheery and playful and it reminds me of such a happy time.

One piece of advice for buying original art?

Make it emotional! Does it remind you of your favorite place, a loved one or memorable moment? Are you looking to commemorate a milestone? Or does it simply add joy to your home? I love tying the purchase of a piece of art to something emotional and special because that means you will always love it and find a place for it in your home.