We are adding another artist of the ever-growing Well + Wonder roster tomorrow and like so many of our fabulous artists, this talented lady likely she needs no introduction - but nonetheless please join me in welcoming Eleanor-Scott Davis! Eleanor-Scott is Tarheel born and bred and studied English and Studio Art at Wake Forest University. She went on to earn a Masters of Fine Art in Creative Writing with a concentration in Poetry. On top of the poet and artists hats, Eleanor-Scott also wears the hat of Momma to 3 precious girls. She considers her artistic process to be directly linked to her role as a mother. We can’t wait to share more of Eleanor-Scott with you! Her latest body of work will be available on Well + Wonder tomorrow 11/18 at 12 p.m., but for now fall a little more in love with Eleanor-Scott by reading her responses to our rapid-fire Q&A Pardon Me, Eleanor-Scott Davis?...

What is currently on your nightstand? 

An alarm clock that I haven’t had to set for over six years (the age of my oldest child), Smith’s Rosebud Salve and an overdue library book that I read no more than one page from every night before I fall asleep. 

 Who is your biggest influence as an artist and why? 

My mother. She is a true creative and though she would never call herself an artist, she has always made a work of art out of all that she puts her hands to – whether it is a beautiful meal, roses grown in her own garden or a last-minute Halloween costume that blows all those store-bought out of the water and justifies her inability to ever throw out a piece of clothing.

 Tell us about your childhood. What is the most memorable moment as a young person? 

My brother and sister, who are twelve and thirteen years older than me, used to tell me that I was bought at K-Mart on a “Blue Light Special” and I could be returned if my family ever decided they didn’t want me anymore. I distinctly remember the anxious feeling I would get whenever our car would pull into the parking lot at K-Mart.

 If you could only have one supply in your art studio, what would it be and why? 

Matisse Structure Acrylic in Australian Yellow Green. No matter how hard I try, I cannot make this color myself.

 What is your favorite room in your house? Describe it. 

The nursery, where our youngest daughter, Derby, currently resides. It is peaceful and un-cluttered. And has the most comfortable chair in the whole house. I’ll be so sad when I have no more babies that sleep in a crib.

 What is your biggest score online? 

A vintage Turkish rug from a dealer on Etsy.  It’s always such a gamble, but this one worked out. It greets everyone who walks through our front door with an intense pop of vermillion.

 What is the benefit of buying art through a collective? What do you recommend for those that are new to buying original art? 

Buying through a collective is an amazing way to discover new artists and see how their work evolves over time.

So many people resist buying original art because of the price. I’d suggest you consider the money you spend on clothes in a year, take half of that and buy a piece of art. Unlike clothes, art is an asset that appreciates over time. And, it always fits.

 If you have the entire day to spend in an art museum, which one and why? 

The Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. My husband and I spent a semester abroad in Florence during our junior year of college and during this time, I visited the gallery multiple times a week with my art history class. There is nothing like studying the masters’ work in real life, instead of relying on a printed picture in a textbook. It gives you such an amazing appreciation for the actual size of the artworks. And, gelato is the perfect post-museum treat. 

What is your favorite hotel and what makes it special? 

The Cloister at Sea Island is magical. And in the lobby, they have books with photos of couples that honeymooned at the resort, including one of my parents from 1968.

 If you were a lipstick color would you be red, pink, or clear and why? 

I like to think I’d be red. But, I am probably clear.

 I can never get on a plane without….

Hand sanitizer and snacks.

 How did you get into the world of art? 

I studied Studio Art and English at Wake Forest University. After college, I worked on the editorial staff of several publications.  My three children – and the responsibilities of motherhood -- are to thank for forcing me to put down the pen and pick up the paintbrush. Beyond bringing me an incredible amount of joy and satisfaction, life as a painter also affords me the ability to work from home, set my own schedule and create without the threat of anything being edited out.


 What do you do to relax? 

As previously mentioned, I read one page of my library book, then fall asleep.

 When do you get the biggest surge of inspiration? 

Early in the morning. If I can pull it off, I love to get up before everyone else in my house and sneak downstairs to work on the computer, drink coffee and think. But somehow, my 4-year-old, Julia, can always sense when I’m awake and comes down to join me. She is usually hungry for pancakes.

 Prediction for the Color of 2020? 

Yellow Ochre.

 What is your idea of a date night? Dinner and a movie or dancing all night? 

Dinner and a movie. And sweatpants if that’s acceptable.

 Tell us about your favorite painting that you have created. 

A painting titled “Hanging by a Thread” from my Spring 2019 collection, which was inspired by my struggle to balance life as an artists and a mother. I loved it so much that I considered keeping it for myself but a good friend -- who is the mother of triplets -- ended up purchasing the piece and I couldn’t think of a better home for it.

 One piece of advice for buying original art? 

Get to know the artist, either personally or from afar. Art is so much more meaningful when you have an understanding of the hands that created it.