It's that time of year again when we are hinting to our cupids and hoping for some treats come February 14th. Now we love showing y'all everything we are gifting, but for Valentine's, it's all about curating a wish list for the ladies.  Maybe it's my love for pink and ruffles and anything feminine but I love creating a good Valentine's, Wish List.  So without further ado, our Valentine's 2021 Wish List!  Hey Cupid, look alive! This one is for you. 



1 - I always HEART a girly Lele Sadoughi headband and look forward to hiding my mom hair under this cutie all spring!

2 - Sio Beauty Brow Lift because it's better than Botox, so I hear!

3 - In lieu of flowers this year I am asking for a daily dose of JOY! Krystal Bilberry's "Relentless Love" certainly fits the bill.


1 - The most gorgeous glassware I ever did see. Estelle Colored Glass (and especially this latest pink colorway) is like candy for your china cabinet. And honestly, Cupid could not go wrong with anything from this fabulous brand.

2 - Because I am dreaming about all things warm in relaxing...Kristin Endsley's soon to be released painting "Sedona" is calling my name!

3 - They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach but I can most certainly relate to that sentiment. And Caroline's Cakes are ~chefs kiss~ so delicious. 


1 - Don't ask me how or why but beading became a top quarantine hobby this year. However useful and stylish (she says with a laugh) my mask chains are. I'd love to level up my tv watching hobby with something that is truly on trend. It looks like Roxanne Assoulin's Candy Making Bracelet kit is the next big thing. 

2 - When you have the insider scoop it's hard not to want to swipe everything before it hits the gallery walls. April Sanders lasted work for our group show COLOR is making my heart skip beats. It's pink but in a cool way!

3 - I like to think of myself as a "Slow Burn" and I mean who doesn't love a candle?! P.S. This one smells divine! 


1 - Believe it or not, I just got my ears pierced in December alongside my five year old's best girlfriend. These resin drop earrings from Anthropologie are just what I need when I can finally take my studs out...lightweight, modern and perfect for Valentine's Day.

2 - Lizzy Love is such a talent, this lavender magnolia makes my heart flutter. I love the soft, organic feel of her watercolors, and the ink gives it just a touch of edge.