Lately, we have been dealing with sick kiddos, trying to explain why bedtime is now happening when it is still light outside, and starting to plan for the summer with vacation bookings and camp registrations. I feel as if I have been running on all cylinders, but sometimes I find when forced into this mode, it is when I get the most accomplished. Here are some other things that have crossed my radar…. 

  1. I was so excited to hear that Starburst is releasing a limited edition “All Pink” fruit chews, not only is pink my favorite color, but it is by far my favorite flavor...well done Starburst!
  2. I loved reading thispiece from Emily Henderson about Design Mistakes: Generic Art, it made me laugh and I could not agree more with some of her observations
  3. This 2 min and 26 sec video that blends my love of ballet with my love of hip hop made me smile
  4. While I feel like I am living my dream job by working with all of the amazing people that make Well + Wonder a reality I can’t say that I did not think submitting my resume for this position....
  5. I am so excited about the upcoming Spring Art Show that we will be hosting with the fabulous and talented Anne Wagoner Interiors in Raleigh April 20th & 21st...please email me if you would like to be included on the invite list at
  6. Has anyone watched the Netflix documentary Abstract: The Art of Design? I am interested after reading thisreview from the Carnegie Mellon's Student Newspaper The Tartan
  7. It was fun getting a tour of Marilyn Minter’s weekend house and hearing her perspective on having art in her home in thisW magazine article
  8. Wishing we could make it up to Boston this spring to catch the Matisse in the Studio exhibitat Museum of Fine Arts, Boston...we can never get enough of Matisse
  9. One of the best things about Well + Wonder is knowing that one of our pieces can bring happiness to someone's home. Trust me when I say we were tickled Limited Edition Starburst All Pink when we were able to connect Susie Bettenhausen’s works with Lusia from Peaches to Pearls in this blog post
  10. Putting domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home in our Amazon cart if only for the how to hang a gallery wall section