We were first introduced to Abbey Glass through the Tory Burch fellows program Mollie and Abbey both participated in throughout this past year. Through countless zooms, workshops, and virtual "hangs" our appreciation for one another's work grew tenfold! So you can imagine our excitement when Abbey had the idea to collaborate - using Well + Wonder artwork as patterns on her beautiful clothing (which you can shop HERE!). After a widely successful clothing launch, photoshoot,  and event in Atlanta we asked Abbey - an artist herself if she would peruse the Well + Wonder collection and serve as the our latest Guest Curator. Luckily, she said yes! Working and collaborating with Abbey and her team has been such a sweet reminder of how grateful we are to work with so many creatives each and every day. Abbey said it best when she claimed “I am more creative and more full when I complete my circle by collaborating with other creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs.” I couldn’t have said it better, Abbey! Thank you for giving Well + Wonder the opportunity to combine our two favorites - art and fashion! Continue reading to get to know Abbey a little bit better and to learn what she is currently coveting from the Well + Wonder collection. 



A Free Elementby April Sanders

Ladies in Community 3 by Lizzy Love

Fire-Pink by Christy King


Where do you turn for inspiration? 

I get inspiration from landscapes and characters in old movies, fabulous women I see walking on the streets of fashionable cities, and lots of vintage fashion. 

Do you recall your first piece of artwork? We would love to hear details!  

YES! The first piece of artwork I purchased was in an outdoor market in Paris. It wasn’t for sale, but I convinced the vendor to sell me this 80’s Moschino shopping bag they had hung as decoration in their shop. I cleaned and framed it and gave it to my mom. It’s beautiful.

It is said to look for art that "makes your heart skip a beat." What aspects of art make your heart sing? (texture, size, medium, technique) 

I love texture, color and depth. It's incredible that you can see a color combination or textures used together that give you butterflies in your stomach.

Have you ever gifted art? We would love to know the story and how it was received.

Yes, art and cookbooks are my go-to gifts. Recently we bought a painting as a wedding gift for our friends in Hawaii. It was a local gauche artist that does graphic beach scenes. It was so special, our friends have the painting hanging in their future baby’s nursery. It’s something that people rarely put on a registry but will always remind them of us.