There is always something happening in the art world. The constant happenings not only makes my job interesting and fun, but it also makes me happy that art continues to be such an important and evolving form of communication and expression. Here are a few happenings that caught my eye:


Sharing is Caring

How much is your favorite piece of art worth to you? When I heard about the Jean-Michel Basquiat painting being sold for $110.5 million, I gasped. Billionaire Yusaku Maezawa sealed the deal and claimed Basquiat's 1982 work "Untilted" as his own paying the highest sum ever paid at auction for a U.S.-produced artwork.

Maezawa put on Instagram, “I am happy to announce that I just won this masterpiece. When I first encountered this painting, I was struck with so much excitement and gratitude for my love of art. I want to share that experience with as many people as possible.” Whoa. As someone who is passionate about art and believes that finding a painting or piece of art should be fun, soulful and add to your sense of wonder, Maezawa’s statement just gives me all of the feels. What an incredible gift to share.

Mystery Theater

Did y’all hear about the biggest art heist in history? The article Cracking the Biggest Art Heist in History by Nina Siegal takes a fascinating look at 27 years later art worth over $500 million (think big names like ohhh, Rembrandt) that was stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston still might have a chance of being retrieved. Arthur Brand, Dutch private investigator thinks that he can retrieve the pieces sooner than later thanks to his expertise with art crime. Who knew there was even an art crime expert profession? I will have my popcorn ready when this real life drama turns into a major motion picture!

Check It Out

We could all use a little happy in our lives. One thing that makes me happy is bright and bold colors. I was delighted when I came across a new exhibit Color Factory. Color Factory is a pop-up experience in San Francisco that brings talented artists together to celebrate color and materials (they had me at giant yellow ball pit). Sadly, it will not be around long, so road trip to San Fran, anyone?


Do you know of any exciting happenings in the art world, please share with us!  We’d love hear all about it!