At the very beginning of the year, Connor and I set out to plan our 2019 Well + Wonder shows, pop-ups, and releases.  After the success of our last group Well + Wonder show, we heard y'all when you chanted "more, more!"  So we set out for April to be our next group show and in the spirit of springtime in the south, Easter, Mother's Day (and horse racing season here in the Bluegrass!) we never doubted that this show would be a FLORAL show.  Why flowers?  Because to me, and I'm sure so many of you, flowers evoke springtime and re-birth and celebration.  Flowers are the southern love language between women.  My dear grandmothers, Frances who lived her life in Birmingham, Alabama, and Katherine of Kentucky, have been gone many years now but without hesitation, I can still tell you their favorite flowers (lilly of the valley and roses).  My own mother, Francie, for whom my daughter is named loves daisies and even carried a bouquet of white and yellow daisies in her 1976 wedding to my Dad.  Personally, I'm a peony gal and carried pink peonies in my wedding 10 years ago.  Flowers, much like original artwork, fill our houses and turn them into homes.  They tell a story, they remind us of spring and re-birth and weddings and celebrations.  So in this spirit of springtime and celebrating our Mothers join me in celebrating our artists' latest show FLORAL.