Krystal Bilberry

Krystal Bilberry


I paint at my sunlit kitchen island with a baby on my hip during the day or after all four kids go to sleep at night.


Acrylic on canvas or wood panel


Krystal views art as a light for finding joy. She is interested in how colors play together on a canvas and connect with the inner spirit to express the beauty in the world. Mark making, layering and simplicity come together in her paintings to reflect the joy she feels deep inside – which is why her current works are signed “JoY!” on the front. Every brushstroke is a prayer of grace and a deep desire to worship God through creating. Krystal is most drawn to florals because they feel like the energy of God’s joy. When she beholds all the colors, complexity, and playfulness of flowers she is immediately inspired to create. For Krystal, holding onto light and joy are a part of who she has always been. She grew up in an environment that presented many hardships and challenges, so in turn she became a seeker of light, a lover of the good, and a student of joy. Krystal, the first in her family to attend a four year college, has a BFA in Interior Design and a MEd in Counseling Psychology/College Administration from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She and her husband live in the coastal area of Southeast Virginia with their four small children.