Brittany Kelly

Brittany Kelly


A garden side, paint and preserved flora studio by the name Britt Kelly Design House


preserved flora, gouache, pencil, charcoal


Brittany is a preserved flora painter creating from her home studio in Auburn, Alabama. She holds a degree in Psychology and Human Services from Montreat College, and a certificate of practical ministry and theology. After school, she spent nearly a decade professionally in the creative mediums of photography, digital design, and paint, while primarily based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. With the pull to bring kids closer to family and a growing army of cousins, a move back to Alabama brought her and her husband home to the familiarity of state and scenery they were raised by. Britt Kelly Design House is a curation of skill and offerings ten years in the making. She uses a myriad of mediums from preserved flora and rain water, to gouache, charcoal, and pencil, in a self-taught style; exposed through immersion into the wild west, and grounded by the slow, sleepy seasons of the southern soil she was raised on and eventually returned to. Her work has been acquired for private collections nationwide, and she is slowly ticking off her goal of having a collector in every state!