Ariel Harder

Ariel Harder


A renovated 1940s detached garage. Its joyous bright yellow French doors flood the space with light, allowing her sight of inspirational, century old oak trees, and make it easy to keep watch on her children as they play outside.


oil paint on archival wood paneling or oil paint on hand stretched canvas


Ariel is an emerging artist located in Jacksonville, Florida. She began pursuing the journey of transforming her lifelong passion into a business in 2020, after the world shut down. She is a seasoned military spouse, originally from the state of Washington. Ariel’s days are spent happily married to her high school sweetheart, and busily caring for her 4 children. In the fall of 2023, she adopted her foster son. She is a passionate advocate for foster children and foster parents. Her life is full and happy. She thrives to be a light to her home and community, creating tranquil, yet imaginative artwork.