August - Gladioulus Sold
"Alai" (Basque, Happy) Sold
Hydrangeas in Glass II Sold
Shine Shine Sold
A Sweetie No. 1 Sold
A Sweetie No. 4 Sold
A Sweetie No. 3 Sold
A Sweetie No. 2 Sold
Easy on the Eyes Sold
Butterfly Taxidermy 114 Sold
It Never Misses Sold
Caught Me Staring I Sold
Caught Me Staring II Sold
Peony I Sold
Lemons I Sold
Lemons in Chinoiserie I Sold
Hydrangea III Sold
Hydrangea II Sold
Lemons II Sold
Peony II Sold
Lemons in Chinoiserie II Sold
Camellias Sold
Butterfly Taxidermy 111 Sold
Plunge I Sold
Weightless I Sold
Shifting I Sold
Plunge II Sold
Shifting II Sold
Rally II Sold
Rally I Sold
Weightless II Sold
Satsuma Besties Sold
Citrus Still Life Sold
Grapefruit Breakfast Sold
Pisco Prep Sold
When Opposites Attract Sold
The Queen of Grace Sold
Walking on Sunshine #2 Sold
Walking on Sunshine #9 Sold
Waiting On Fall Sold
My Pink Place Sold
July - Larkspur Sold
Delightful Drifters Sold
171 Sold