Caramel Bust Sold
Black Mask Bust Sold
Black Bust $295.00
Green Bust Sold
Pivot XII $325.00
Pivot XI $325.00
Pivot X Sold
Pivot IX $325.00
Pivot VIII $325.00
Pivot VII $325.00
Pivot VI $925.00
Pivot V Sold
Pivot III $1,525.00
Pivot II $1,825.00
Pivot I $1,825.00
Pivot IV $1,525.00
Tanqueray and Pheonix Sold
Wild Dreams Sold
Something New Sold
Refreshed $325.00
Overflow Sold
Light Shines Sold
Joyous Sold
Gather Here Sold
Floral Study #3 Sold
Floral Study #2 Sold
Floral Study #1 Sold
Faith Flowing Sold
Encouragement Sold
Dancing Free $375.00
Celebration Sold
A Little Shine Sold
Sully Sold
Scout Sold
Sammy Sold
Nellie Sold
Lucinda Sold
Grace Sold
Ginny Sold
Frida and Holly Sold
Dotsy Sold
Brandi Sold
Bea and Lou Sold
Soft Edges $325.00
Faint Halo $600.00
Ad Hoc $275.00
It's a Foolish Cause Sold
Record + Rhythm $350.00