Walls of Wonder

A Fresh Start with Artist Hillary Howorth


Though the start of 2021 may have some of us questioning what this year will bring, Hillary Howorth joining Well + Wonder this week has us feeling a renewed sense of excitement and hope for what this year has in store. Originally from Greenville, South Carolina and now residing with her husband and three young boys in Nashville, Hillary is a self-taught, instinctual, contemporary and mixed media artist who has been creating works of art throughout her life.

Hillary’s work incorporates layers of paint mediums and variations of color that add texture and interest to each piece. Her preference is art expressed through soothing palettes to help convey a sense of peace and contentment. Taking this a step further, Hillary says this... 

“Art can do more than just appeal to your tastes or compliment the pillow on your sofa. Art can deeply move you one way or another, it can bring people together.”

What a beautiful thought, and one that comes through in her work. This most recent release is no exception. So with this in mind, read on for Hillary’s perspective on original art inspiring a fresh start for all of us.

(interior design by Virginia Richardson)

Inspire in a Nursery

As Hillary says, “what is more promising than the thought of new life entering the world.” The blush tones found in this nursery’s pillows, rug and draperies all come together in Hillary’s painting above the crib. Hanging original art in your child’s room inspires them to think creatively as they begin each day, and also to value the culture around them. Making original art part of a child’s everyday life is uplifting for them and their parents...win, win.

Energize with Color, Pattern and Texture

A fresh start requires energy, as I'm sure everyone reading this knows all too well! Energy shines through the movement in Hillary's paintings, and it radiates throughout this vignette photographed above. As a mother of three young boys with schedules uncertain these days, Hillary carves out time to create and says this...

“Just like an early morning workout, an early morning work session truly makes me feel energized and productive for the rest of the day.”

Blues are often thought of as calming, and they are! But they can also bring energy in the deeper tones, especially with dynamic movement such as in Hillary’s painting and the lamp. Add in patterned fabric and a textured lampshade, and we’re ready to run a few laps around the block!

(interior design by Meg White Interiors, photo by Allison Elefante at Ruby & Peach Photography)

Clean and Declutter for a Harmonious Fresh Start

Now that we're feeling energized, let's take a fresh look at surfaces! The kitchen is a wonderful place to start. The countertop above combines the trifecta of character and beauty...original art, greenery and collected objects. Hillary says this...

“In the new year, I always look forward to cleaning, organizing and purging all the unneeded excess laying around!” 

If you create beauty and harmony in your spaces, you'll have a built in respite from whatever comes your way. You'll also feel renewed and ready to take on the world around you!

Make your Heart Sing

Once harmony is achieved, bring furniture and artwork into your home that make your heart sing. The antique chest above does this for Hillary...

“I love when design combines a mix of traditional and modern elements while layering in texture and color! It just makes my heart sing!”

Layering original artwork into your home can refresh an entire room, and there are no rules for what works and doesn't work...choose what inspires you! Which leads us to our final photo...

Get Creative in your Home

Hillary feels that art shouldn't have boundaries or parameters. There is no right or wrong way to express and create, and this applies to collecting original art too. Small works of art, like Hillary's painting photographed above, are such a great way to start an art collection. Hillary says this...

"Not only are small works of art budget friendly, but design friendly too, thanks to their versatility and ability to move around the house as you see fit. Don’t let buying art intimidate you, start small and build your collection as your confidence builds with it.” 

We hope this article has you feeling refreshed and ready to forge into this year with confidence and creativity!! A big thank you to Hillary for sharing her inspired perspective. If you're interested in collecting specifics, please don't hesitate to reach out HERE.

xx, Emily