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Whitney Sturge Interiors

Photo by Amanda Anderson

Whitney has always had a strong passion for interior design. As a young girl, she would sketch homes and rearrange furniture just for fun. While her career path initially started in event design, it then shifted to advertising sales for House Beautiful, Veranda and Elle Decor. It was this exposure to exceptional talent and high design that would inspire Whitney to pursue her true passion. After going back to design school, Whitney worked at Circa Interiors for two years, and then launched Whitney Sturge Interiors in 2014. She focuses on creating homes that are classic and fresh, yet durable and livable.

Whitney lives in Charlotte with her husband Andy and two children, Smith and Day.

Photo Captured by Mari

In Her Words...read on to get to know Whitney!

How did you get started in Interior Design?

It’s so fun to think about this question because it really takes me back to being a little girl in Greenville, SC. I remember riding around in the back of my mom’s minivan and constantly scouting homes that needed a little TLC. These old, forgotten homes would come alive as I sketched their face lift at our kitchen counter. I loved imagining how these homes could transform with a few simple changes. So, I guess you could say that it started way back then.  

Starting my own business has been the most fulfilling, rewarding career I could have ever dreamed of!

Photo by Dustin Peck Photography 

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

My goal for any design project is to help bring out the individual style of the family who lives in the home. Their home should be a reflection of them: their personalities, family make up, travel and favorite things. I believe my job is to help combine these things into a cohesive space that balances beauty, function and comfort. 

When I design a space, the main pieces are intentionally meant to be more timeless in nature. These are typically large investment pieces so I try to ensure that these selections would transition from one space to another. Yet we capture the personality and tone of each family through things like pillows, varying accessories throughout the room, a wallpaper that they fell in love with or an unexpected accent table. 

What do you love most about including original art in your designs?

I love how artwork can tell a story. Sometimes art was purchased on a trip, sometimes it was spotted while walking by a gallery, sometimes it used to hang in a grandmother’s home. Regardless of how it was acquired, art gives each room personality and can bring depth, richness and authenticity to a space unlike anything else. Just like an outfit isn’t complete without jewelry, art is the much-needed accessory layer to every room. 

Photo by Dustin Peck Photography

Favorite thing about living in the south?

It’s probably so cliché but I love the hospitality of the South. There is nothing better than feeling welcomed into someone’s home. I am a big believer in community, and our family tries to surround ourselves with other families who also cherish and value community. To me, it seems like the Southerners understand the need for this genuine feeling of acceptance and want you to feel right at home the second they meet you. I love this about the South! Plus…the beaches aren’t too bad either! 

Photo Captured by Mari

What is your favorite room in your own home?

Hands down my living room. Traditional living rooms were saved for special occasions and formal gatherings. Well, we changed things around in our house, and we love to live in our living room. For us, it's the perfect balance of casual, crisp and inviting. My husband and I hang out in this room every night. Sometimes it is over a glass of wine while other times is serves as our safe space during the dreaded dinner time battles with our kids. Most Saturday mornings we find the kids curled up on the sofa watching cartoons with their favorite cozy blanket. We read bedtime stories in here every night. However, it can transform quickly into a beautiful space by dimming the lamps, lighting a few candles and fluffing the pillows!

Photo by Dustin Peck Photography

What are some design upgrades you recommend to clients that won't break the bank?

  1. Lightbulbs – this is the first thing I do when I walk into someone’s house. Make sure they are all warm-toned bulbs. Those blue undertones are not flattering on anyone or any space.
  2. Pillows – changing out those old, faded pillows really can make a difference! And adding a throw to a chair can really update upholstery!
  3. Fresh flowers or plants – adding some life to your space can do amazing things! Who doesn’t love walking into a room with fresh flowers?! A simple arrangement of roses or hydrangeas can make your coffee table look so pretty and is a quick way to bring a freshness to the space.

    Photo Captured by Mari

    How to Contact Whitney...

    Phone: 704.651.4147