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Kim Childs of Kim Childs Design is a graduate of Wake Forest University and Virginia Commonwealth University’s Brandcenter. She has a background in Art History, Studio Art and Advertising. She has lived all over the country—from the mid-Atlantic to New York; San Francisco to New England and has chosen to make her hometown of Richmond, Virginia her full-time home. Her husband Jordan is an entrepreneur, business consultant and professor of brand management. She is Mom to abundant sweetness in her daughter Ever (5), and pure wildness in her son Camp (2). Before launching her own firm in 2014, Kim scaled a successful vintage retail business, Rare & Worthy. 

Kim’s work ranges from full home renovations to the tiniest of finishing details. Her work has been featured in regional magazines and publications as well as Ladies Home Journal and the Washington Post. She believes in a collected interior mix. She is known for creating soft and pretty spaces with a little moodiness; always with a healthy dose of quirky vintage furniture, vibrant textiles and antiques reimagined. She loves her clients dearly like family and arguably one of her favorite aspects of her job is helping to articulate and cultivate a home for their growing families to cherish for many years to come.  

Kim spends most of her Summer weekends at her family home in Virginia Beach…chasing kids and stealing away time to dream, create, make and do.  

Richmond, VA

In Her on to get to know Kim!

How did you get started in Interior Design? What is your background? 

I studied Art History and Studio Art in college at Wake Forest University. This is where I honed my love of thoughtful details and composition. I then went on to get an MS in Brand Management from Virginia Commonwealth University's Brandcenter. This was a crash course in creative culture—I learned how to build a brand and how to sell an idea.  I worked for years in advertising in San Francisco until landing in Connecticut, like a southern fish out of water! I started a blog; I shared DIY projects, and I started selling all of my excess New England antiques which forayed into the vintage retail arm of my business. I moved back to my hometown Richmond, VA in 2014. Friends and followers of my blog started hiring me to decorate their homes and Kim Childs Design was born. I am completely self-taught; I never say no to an intriguing opportunity, even if it might be off the beaten path. Every day is different and our business pivots often; I am currently developing a retail line of furniture to add to our repertoire…the sky’s the limit! 

Richmond, VA

 How would you describe your design aesthetic? 

A Thoughtfully Disruptive, Collected Mix. 

I am a creative tinkerer who delights in the juxtaposition of thoughtful details. I like for the spaces I design to be a little off balance; I do not strive for perfection. I am drawn to femininity, softness and prettiness, but I also love quirky vintage furniture, textiles and antiques reimagined in ways I’ve never seen before. If something feels too familiar, I like to throw in a touch of cheekiness to elicit a coy smile. I like the contrast of high-low and the tension of opposites. 

Richmond, VA | photo by Kate MaGee

What do you love most about including original art in your designs?

Art has always been central to how I identify with an environment; I’ve studied it, I’ve made it, and I’ve used it to communicate and distinguish. A piece of original art represents a moment in time. I love the presence of that fleeting feeling and what that does to energize a space. I also love the special relationships I have made with the artists who I commission to create art for myself and my clients. The more you put into that relationship, the better the resulting work turns out both for the artist and the client—it’s a special privilege to have a hand in nurturing this. 

 Richmond, VA | Barry Fitzgerald for R.Home Magazine

Favorite thing about living in the south? 

Graciousness. I smile a lot; I ask a lot of “just because” questions of nearly everyone I come into contact with. I make it a point to make time for this in my day; perhaps this is why I’m always running a little late! You never know what or who might spark a creative idea and where that idea might take you. I think Southerners show their love through a gracious smile and a kind word—small gestures go a long way in the south. 

Richmond, VA | Barry Fitzgerald for R.Home Magazine

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