Ivy Lane Living

photo by Luke and Ashely Photography 

Alex Deringer and Courtney Cox combine their formal training in design and fashion with their renowned sense of style in Ivy Lane Living, a full-service interior design firm that curates casually elegant family dwellings that are elevated by a unique spark. Whether an entire house renovation or a one-room makeover, Alex and Courtney’s extensive experience and collaborative dynamic inform a successful design philosophy: thoroughly understand the client’s lifestyle, bring a thoughtful spatial perspective, and enliven the space with the freshest aesthetic interest. Tucked away in a charming brick courtyard in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, the design studio is available by appointment. The Ivy Lane Living design studio hosts periodic Artist & Artisan Trunk Show events to introduce clients to noteworthy creators and their work. They have been featured in Southern Homes, Architectural Digest, Home & Design, DC Modern Luxury, and The Washington Post.

Washington, DC

In Their Words...read on to get to know Alex and Courtney!

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Our mission is to curate casually elegant, lived in spaces. Our design philosophy has always been to reflect our clients individual personality and to maintain their authenticity. It’s always an exciting challenge to blend sentimental pieces, whether art or furnishings, with a fresh and modern approach. We don’t have a “formula” for clients; each space is mindfully created to be one of a kind. 

Alexandria, VA

What do you love most about including original art in your designs? 

Original art breathes LIFE into a room. In a world where one can “copy and paste” an entire look, no two pieces of art could ever be the same. Art is personal, yes, but it can also be a shared experience between different viewers.  Additionally, art doesn’t have to fall under a certain “style” for a beholder to appreciate the piece, as well as the spark of an emotional response. 

McLean, VA

Dream Project?

A dream project is always one in which our clients have full faith and trust in us and the design process. After we get an initial sense of what the client is gravitating towards, we do a “temperature check” with a few, (or several :)) options of fabrics and furnishing frames assessing colors, textures and stylistic details. The dream starts when our clients take the leap of faith, letting us bring to life the vision. They trust us to see the bigger picture and how all the moving pieces come together. When they say, “GO!”, that is when the magic happens. 

Old Town, Alexandria, VA | photo by Gordon Beall for Southern Home

Current design trend that you think should take an early retirement?

The ubiquitous “Instagram Room” where everything looks the same. Yawn. Individuality is the spice of life! 

Alexandria, VA

What are your three "must haves" in order to create an inviting space?

The scale of furniture in relation to the room, original artwork, and the most important of all: a reflection of individuality with layers and collected pieces. Also, nice champagne is always a welcomed perk! :) 


How to Contact Ivy Lane Living...
Instagram: @ivylaneliving
Phone: 703.566.6582