Welcome Express Framers!

Sue Thach, owner of Express Framers, is a veteran framer who started her career at the age of 17. Being an artist herself, she has always been intrigued by art evoking so many raw emotions. The same is true with custom framing. Relying heavily on her knowledge of art and color theory, she applies it to custom framing. Like art, no two framing projects are alike. Honesty, integrity, experience, and true passion for the trade are her core values that have allowed her to excel in the family owned business for over 25 years. She feels that knowledge in framing and art gives her an advantage for serving the public. It allows her to share her expertise on how to take the “ordinary” to “extraordinary”. If you can dream it, Sue can help bring your art project to life.

(French gold leafed oak floater frame)

In Her Words...read on to get to know Sue!

What do you love most about custom framing? 

I am a huge fan of art and truly enjoy seeing all the different mediums and creativity artists produce. I am most passionate about taking their artwork to a whole new level with the perfect framing layout. 

(acrylic box)

What are some of your favorite framing styles right now?

Acrylic boxes and acrylic frames really excite me! They are so unique and elevate a work of art beyond traditional framing. I am also a huge fan of floater frames for canvases. Floater frames give canvases a complete and polished look. 

(sandwiched acrylic frame)

What is your dream project?

I’ve worked on many dream projects like HGTV Dream Homes, Atlanta Showhouse, Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle, Gaylord Opryland Resort, Hilton Harbor Island, and with several highly acclaimed Artists. I feel like every project is a dream project because I get to do what I love every day. I am blessed and truly honored to live out my dreams on a daily basis. Thank you.

Current framing trend that you think should take an early retirement?

It’s either you love it or you hate it. Frames are like clothing styles… what was hot in the 80’s always has a way of finding a way back again a few decades later. Frames tend to trend that way. For me, I’m an equal opportunity frame lover ;)

(floated on linen with fillet)

What are some framing upgrades you would recommend that won’t break the bank?

Upgrading your matting will make a world of difference. For example: change the mat color, double mat, single mat, or floated. It will give your piece a brand new perspective and a more cohesive style. It’s relatively affordable and gives it the biggest impact for a budget friendly consumer. 


How to Contact Sue...

Email: expressframers@gmail.com

Phone: 770.745.0145

Website: www.expressframers.com

Instagram: @expressframers