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After years working in finance Alicia Summers decided to combine her affinity and capacity for interior decorating with her knack for organization and business, by establishing her own boutique-styled Alicia Summers Interiors. Alicia opened her doors in the fall of 2020 and oh has she hit the ground running!  Throughout her formative years, Alicia loved and appreciated interior style and décor, mainly influenced and inspired by her mother, who created stunning spaces in their own home.  Alicia loves to mix different styles, and she uses color as a guide in all of her projects. Alicia creates spaces that integrate the taste and style of her clients with her ability to bring together a cohesive and balanced assembly of color, furniture, fixtures, accessories, fabrics, and art. Her goal is to plan and actualize spaces that cater to the unique needs and personalities of the families that inhabit them.  Alicia manages her projects with commitment, communication, and organization from the first meeting to the final installation.  She lives in Houston, Texas with her husband Matt and their three boys, who keep them both entertained and busy!

photo by Masha Lyons Photography 

In Her on to get to know Alicia!

What is your favorite room in your own home?

My favorite room in my own home is easily our Study. It is painted with a bold blue color that envelops you when you walk into the room. I’ve used a monochromatic color scheme for the fabrics and even the shelf décor, balancing out the cool blue tones with warm natural textures and gold hardware. The shelves are filled with a curated collection of inherited porcelain and china, family photos, books, and of course, beautiful art.

During the pandemic, our family used this room for remote school, homework, and now as a fully functional office for my husband. I always saw it as a statement space but not a place we would use often – and now that the world is a little different, I’m so glad I planned it with both aesthetics and function in mind.


What are your three “must haves” in order to create an inviting space?

There are so many ways to create an inviting space! When I plan a space, the first three elements I consider are color, comfort, and light.

  1. Color – The simplest way to add color to a room is to paint! I usually recommend my clients paint the walls, trim, and ceiling all the same color to open up the room, and then I suggest high gloss paint on the trim and ceiling to create some depth and dimension. Sometimes, the color is a white or neutral – it doesn’t always need to be bold! Using a soft, warm white color makes the room feel clean and continuous.  The most interesting and exciting way to bring in color is through art. One piece of art can bring so many colors together that might not feel cohesive otherwise. Art is also the best way to give your space a personality, or even to balance out excessive personality in other parts of the room! In a perfect world, I would begin every plan with a piece of art.
  2. Comfort – A room should be comfortable! When planning a space, I consider my client’s personality, family dynamic, and lifestyle – and then decide on the appropriate layout and types of furniture. I want to create a space they’ll use – not one where the kids or dog are not allowed.
  3. Light – Light is so important! In my own home , I almost never use the overhead lights. I always turn on all the lamps and sconces – sometimes driving my family crazy. But individual lights create a mood and an environment that overhead lighting really just cannot achieve. Lamps and sconces are also beautiful accent pieces, even when they’re turned off.


Favorite thing about living in the south?

The weather! I know, I know ... most people think of heat, humidity, and hurricanes when they think of Houston, Texas. But have you ever visited Houston between October and May? Unfortunately, our 60-degree winters don’t usually wind up in the news! (And let’s just forget about that infamous freeze in February of 2021.)


What do you love most about including original art in your designs?

Original art provides a level of personality and interest that just cannot be attained through furnishings and fixtures. I am personally in awe of the incredible talent of all types of artists and including these amazing pieces in my designs is a privilege that I am thrilled to share with my clients. Choosing art for your home is such a personal and specific choice – there is no other element that so uniquely manifests the client’s character.


What are some design upgrades you recommend to clients that won’t break the bank?

I get this question often! Creating an interior space you love can be done without spending an arm and a leg. Often, projects grow over time depending on a client’s budget and life stage. When asked how they can create a more inviting environment, my first two recommendations are to paint the walls and to declutter surfaces. If the client does not wish to update their furniture, other additions they can make include lighting and fresh decorative pillows that coordinate with the existing scheme.



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