Teeny Morrison Design

Teeny of Teeny Morrison Design has been working in design and photography for fourteen years, passionately implementing worldly inspiration and global architecture into her interior spaces and arts. After graduating from The University of Georgia with a BS in Furnishings and Interiors, Teeny worked in the Southeast for a boutique developer, a commercial architect firm, and collaborative art galleries prior to launching her own company in 2017. Teeny’s designs adorn a clean timeless palette with refined colorful details of decor and art.   

Teeny’s work boasts a signature stylistic elegance and influences in nature, featuring an abundance of glamorous locations and seaside luxury. Her inclusion of wanderlust-inspiring prints are vibrant and rich in color with an artful polish. With a keen eye for natural beauty, Teeny captures raw, visually stimulating scenes that celebrate the world’s allure.

photo by Teeny Morrison

In Her Words..read on to get to know Teeny!

How did you get started in Interior Design? What is your background?

We moved every few years growing up so I was taught at a young age to adapt in new environments, starting with our homes. My Mom, also an Interior Designer, was so instrumental in getting me involved with each home's design. I would help pick out the paint colors for my bedroom, along with the furniture and bedding. I have the best memory of assisting her with kitchen hardware selections when I was in Elementary School (swirly brushed nickel knobs!). I received my Bachelor of Science from The University of Georgia in Furnishings & Interiors. After experience in Furniture Galleries, Boutique Development, Commercial Architecture & Art Galleries I felt it was time to finally start my own design business in 2017.

photo by Minette Hand

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

My designs adorn a clean timeless palette with refined colorful details of decor and art.  

photo by Minette Hand

Favorite thing about living in the south?

My favorite thing about living in Charleston is being surrounded by so many creative female business owners and artists. We support each other, we understand each other, and we hang out with each other -- we are a community.

How to Contact Teeny...
Phone: 704.572.1042
Instagram: @Teenymo