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Hundley Hilton Interiors

Hundley Hilton Interiors is a Birmingham-based Interior design firm founded by partners Janie Jones and Elizabeth Miles specializing in residential interior design.

The duo’s own style aesthetic is a happy marriage of classic and modern, with playful yet careful attention to detail. Janie and Elizabeth both grew up in the South, taking inspiration from their hometowns of Lexington, KY and Charlotte, NC respectively. The casual elegance of the South has inspired them in their design aesthetic, giving them a reputation for creating colorfully stylish and livable interiors. Janie and Elizabeth met in Washington, DC and after a few stops along the way they now live in Birmingham, AL where they are both married and raising their respective families of four.

artwork by Millie Sims and Lindsey Porter

In Her on to get to know Janie and Elizabeth!

How did you get started in Interior Design? What is your background? 

Janie & Elizabeth: We were both instilled with a love of design at an early age. When we began working together we realized our unique brand of design that came from combining our individual styles and backgrounds.  

Janie: I learned the art of decorating early from my talented mother. She was always antiquing and bringing in new treasures to brighten our home.  

Elizabeth: I come from a family of creatives, and I am an artist at heart so interior design was kind of a natural transition for me. I studied and previously worked in graphic design, so I had a  strong foundation in the art of visual presentation as well.  

What inspires you today? Who are your design “crushes” or favorite instagram accounts:  

Elizabeth and Janie: Our greatest inspirations are our Southern heritage, the natural world and our travels. We are both Southern raised by strong women who taught us the importance of Southern hospitality and the art of entertaining. A home should be welcoming and casually elegant.

In every project, we also take design cues from the homes themselves and their  natural surroundings. Especially in the South, our outdoor living and natural spaces are just as important as our interior living spaces.

Lastly, we are ever inspired by a sense of  wanderlust. Through art and interiors, we can be transported to just about anywhere. We can create a feeling based on places we have been or seen, or even places we dream of going. A few favorite follows on instagram are Caroline Gidiere (a friend and ultimate hostess and  interior decorator), Tom Samet for his inspiring quotes, Leah O’Connell for her pretty pictures and of course Well & Wonder for their curated group of diversely talented female artists.  

What do you love most about including original art in your projects?  

Elizabeth and Janie: Original art can transport, inspire and comfort us. Whether the art in a space is the focal point or a supporting actor, it adds a fourth dimension that, combined with the styling layers in a room, serves to tell a story. We love working with clients to select new pieces for their spaces as a part of the room design or helping them to place artwork they have already acquired. It also give us another layer of understanding of our clients aesthetic to see what their eye is drawn to in art. 

How to Contact Janie and Elizabeth...
Instagram: @hundleyhilton
Phone: (205) 441-8297