Francoise Murphy Interiors

photo by Beth Hontzas

Francoise Murphy founded her interior design firm in 2016 after moving to Louisville, Kentucky from Connecticut. Fran’s love for beauty and interiors began at an early age growing up in and around classically styled homes. She was born in the South but raised on the East Coast and in Europe, all of which has sharpened her eye for design. Fran’s aesthetic is unapologetically traditional but with a fresh take. She brings in timeless, traditional elements into the present day. She works closely with her clients to build and collect each layer of every space. The end result is a beautiful space that is new but feels lived-in and well-loved. Fran resides in Louisville, KY with her husband, two children and their golden-doodle, Millie. She has earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Villanova University, and earned two Master’s degrees- one from Columbia University and one from Temple University.

 In Her on to get to know Fran!

How did you get started in Interior Design? What is your background?

My love for beauty and interiors began at an early age growing up and around classically styled homes. I have moved more times than I can count. After graduating college, I lived in Manhattan working in the financial industry. In my free time, I found myself visiting museums, galleries, and my favorite home décor haunts. I gradually noticed the connection–beautiful interiors made me feel inspired, alive, and wanting more. In 2009, I created a blog as a creative outlet to share my passion for home interiors and design. At the start, my focus was on our ongoing renovations in our first home (a Cape in Connecticut). In time, that outlet evolved–almost unintentionally–into a business. We moved to Louisville in 2013 and I decided to make interior design my full focus. The rest is history.

What do you love most about including original art in your designs?

I love how art can tell a client’s story and reflect their personal style. It’s a way for the client’s personality to shape the atmosphere of the room. For example, a client recently traveled to Amsterdam to see the tulip festival. When she returned, she showed me an antique book of tulips she found in a bookstore in Amsterdam. I suggested taking some of those pages from the book, framing them and hanging them in her new addition (her conservatory). It was perfect. The art is beautiful, it reminded her of a memorable trip, and they’re a conversation piece. I once read that you should never struggle to match the color of your artwork to the design of your room. As long as you love the art, it can go anywhere in the home–especially if it brings an unexpected flash of color.

photo by Tim Furlong Jr. 

Favorite thing about living in the South?

I often tell my friends back East that living in the South is the best kept secret! Selfishly, I’d like to keep it that way. Growing up, I spent many of my summers in the South in Texas. What I remember the most about those summers were the ease of life–carefree, comfort and always family and friends gathering for a good time. That feeling is what I like to capture in my interiors–the sense of comfort. Isn’t that really the ultimate luxury?

photo by Tim Furlong Jr. 

What are your 3 must haves in order to create an inviting space?

  1. If possible, I try to work with the architecture details and style of the house.
  2. I always use antiques to give a room authenticity. And while I love ‘brown’ furniture, it doesn’t always have to stay brown. Fresh paint can give a tired piece new life.
  3. I try to avoid using super ‘trendy’ pieces as the central/key features of a room. They can go out of style in a year and are not timeless.
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