Carlough + Co.

 photo by McKinzie Jefferson Photography


 Carlough + Co. is a boutique interior design firm with offices in Glen Ridge, NJ and Alexandria, VA. Their mission is to bring joy to the home with spaces that are comfortable, infused with layers of pattern and texture, unexpected pieces, custom furnishings, bespoke accessories, and original artwork.

Deirdre and Suzanne Carlough begin their story in New York City where the two met in graduate school at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  Deirdre and Suzanne instantly became best friends sharing similar values and a passion for art, design, beauty, fashion, and travel.  Their adventures led them from New York to London, Paris and Tokyo (and they would later become sister-in-laws).  

After a decade working in the cosmetics and fragrance industries in New York City, Deirdre and Suzanne moved to New Jersey and Virginia, respectively.  It was during this time, settling into new homes with their growing families, that the two decided to follow their combined passion into the Interior Design industry.  Drawing from their extensive backgrounds in design, merchandising and marketing, Carlough + Co. was born. 

These two principal designers share a mutual adoration of prints, textures and color and strive to create interiors that reflect their clients’ personality and everyday lifestyle for the entire family to enjoy.   Deirdre and Suzanne’s greatest joy lies within the ‘Company’ they keep – their families – and they believe one’s home provides the perfect backdrop for life’s most precious moments. 

Deirdre resides in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, with her husband, Jason and three daughters, Mackie, Spencer and Tate.

Suzanne resides in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband, Garrett, three children, Jack, Clara, Elizabeth and two golden retrievers, Hilly and Annie.



In their words... read on to get to know Deirdre and Suzanne!

How did you get started in Interior Design? What is your background?

 We began our story in New York City where we were in the same Masters Degree program at the Fashion Institute of Technology.   We instantly became best friends sharing similar values and a passion for art, design, beauty, fashion and travel.  Our studies and adventures took us around the globe from New York to London, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai.

Fun fact: Suzanne met her husband, Garrett (Deirdre’s brother-in-law), at Deirdre and Jason’s wedding in 2008, making them sisters-in-law. 

After a decade working in Manhattan, we both settled outside of the city (Deirdre in New Jersey and Suzanne in Virginia). With young growing families we were posed with the task of creating homes that allowed us to define our style but that also accommodated young children and dogs and all the friends and family we were always entertaining. Our homes were becoming portfolios of our work and friends started asking us to help them design their own homes. It wasn’t long before we took on clients and Carlough + Co. was born.


photo by Luke & Ashley Brands


How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Our approach to design is curated to reflect the client’s personality and everyday lifestyle. Our mission is to design rooms that are eclectic and inviting, always comfortable, that make you want to stay a while. Our greatest joy lies within the company we keep, our family and friends, and the rooms we design provide the perfect backdrop for creating life’s most precious memories.


photo by McKinzie Jefferson Photography 


Four must haves in order to create an inviting space?

  • Mixing antiques (or sentimental) pieces with new and contemporary pieces
  • Layering textile patterns and unexpected prints whenever possible
  • Incorporate statement lighting which can dictate the mood of the room
  • Invest in original art and bespoke accessories that will bring the space to life


photo by McKinzie Jefferson Photography


What is your favorite room in your own home?

Deirdre:  My current home is undergoing a large renovation (I’ll be sharing more along the way!) so this answer is sure to change over the next year. But for now I would choose my library. My home is from the 1880’s so the leaded glass doors and inlaid bookshelves were the perfect canvas for a deep blue Fine Paints of Europe lacquer paint and an oversized Visual Comfort chandelier. A bold Quadrille fabric adorns the chairs and of course the book shelves are filled with treasures, including family photos, books and some antique accessories like Staffordshire dogs. It’s a warm and eclectic space my children love reading in, and my husband and I are often found sharing a cocktail in.

Suzanne:  I adore my living room -- While this room functions as an elegant, formal living space, it is also very warm and inviting. The living room features an array of put-together effortless pieces including cozy slate blue velvet sofa, a pair of vintage black lacquer chairs from Century that I found at High Point Market, a sleek waterfall marble table (also from Century), a treasured wingback from my late grandmother’s living room, a baby grand piano and an original piece of art from a local DC designer. This room is perfect for entertaining or to lounge by the fire with a glass of wine after a long day!


How to contact Deirdre and Suzanne...
Instagram: @carloughandco 
Phone: Deirdre 908-447-0915, Suzanne 973-650-7767