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Sarah Ella Cole

Sarah Ella Cole


A new addition to her home in Nashville located in ( her eyes) the hippest, coziest, charming part of town, the historic Belmont|Hillsboro village. It’s filled with natural light with floor to ceiling windows on one side and a cool pass-thru window on the other so she can paint with the windows wide open and feel the sun on her face.


mixed media (acrylic, oil, watercolor, coffee, tea, texture medium, plaster, gauche, sawdust) on paper, raw canvas, and linen


Sarah Ella Cole is a right and left-brained self-taught artist finding balance in between the spaces on the canvas. she is drawn to the fine lines of geometry with the ever-present intention to exhibit them as aloof. she plays with all mediums to create multifold texture and finish. she finds inspiration from her favorite travel spots, textiles, art photography, and wall coverings. Sarah Ella holds tight to her southern roots and that inspiration will always find its way into each piece.