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Lizzy Love

Lizzy Love


Lizzy works from a home studio with white walls and lots of natural light, alongside her “studio pup” Alba.


Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, wood panel, and linen. Gouache, watercolor, oil pastel, and colored pencil on paper.


The painting process has been a part of Lizzy’s life as long as she can remember, and has helped to shape who she is and the way she looks at the world around her. Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, she developed a fascination with art at an early age, and eventually majored in art while studying at the University of Mississippi. She moved to Nashville shortly thereafter and began pursuing a career in art. Lizzy makes abstract and expressionist paintings using acrylics, gouache, oil pastels, and watercolor paints. Her work is very loose and gestural, showing bold strokes to convey the fluidity and raw impulse which comprise each painting.