Kelley Ogburn

Kelley Ogburn


Kelley had currently taken over her husband’s home office in their newly renovated 1955 ranch. The next step is converting the carport into her studio, and she cannot wait to have all of that space!


Acrylic, ink, charcoal, graphite, pastel


Kelley Ogburn, a native of Mobile, Alabama, is an American contemporary artist known for her floral and figurative compositions. She holds a BFA in studio art and graphic design from Auburn University. In her early years, Kelley spent many weekends exploring the Mobile river delta with her family. Learning about the abundant wildlife of this diverse ecosystem encouraged her sense of adventure and curiosity. As an artist, Kelley aims to share that same feeling of wonderment with others through her work. Her work itself is a constant exploration. Always learning. Always trying new things. Always evolving. And always curious. Each subject captures that raw curiosity differently. In its own way. From its own perspective. Giving others a new appreciation of the world around us. Kelley now lives in Daphne, just over the bay from her hometown of Mobile, with her husband, Paterson, and their two children, Alice and Alex, and new chocolate lab puppy, Hershey.