Cheyenne Trunnell

Cheyenne Trunnell


Cheyenne’s studio space is in her home that she shares with her husband, 2 teenage boys and a chocolate labradoodle in Asheville, North Carolina. Her home studio is surrounded by 5 acres of trees and Japanese conifer gardens. Most days you will find her in her home studio for the first 4- 5 hours of the day and then the afternoon running all over town carpooling her boys to swim, working through homework and wishing that someone else was in charge of dinner!   


Oil, Oil Pigment Stick, and pencil on canvas


Cheyenne was born and raised in Tennessee. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from East Tennessee State University. Cheyenne attended The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., where she attained her Masters in Art Therapy and spent a month studying abroad in Italy. Cheyenne’s paintings seek to capture the essence of peace found in the stillness of nature. Her focus is on capturing the light found in a forest of trees, reflections upon the water’s surface and the tranquil light found in the morning sky. From a more technical standpoint, each piece is exploring the relationships between light and form. For her, this relationship is called the space between. It is the space where the ethereal light of God meets the forms of nature’s intricate design. In her mind's eye, she is capturing the essence of a Holy Presence found in the silence and solitude of the natural world.