Ashton Shaw Despot


Ashton’s studio sits in the front corner of her traditional craftsman’s style home, capturing bright natural light through two large windows overlooking her front yard and front porch.


Acrylics, Watercolors, Mixed Media


Ashton Shaw Despot is a contemporary impressionist painter. She lives and works from her home studio in Mid-City, New Orleans near Bayou Saint John and the Fairgrounds. Her neighborhood is bustling with activity and provides Ashton with lots of inspiration. Ashton is best known for her landscape work and her use of soft beautiful color. Ashton pushes her work to inspire a love for nature, challenge perspective on life, and give you a quiet moment in a busy day. Collectors and interior designers love Ashton’s work because it is versatile, blending traditional forms with a touch of air and whimsy. Ashton’s work can be found in homes across the country.

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