Introducing Guest Curator, Shannon Latham!

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If you know me very well you know 2 things I am passionate about (besides the obvious, art collecting) – my Old Kentucky home and classic children’s clothing (of which I am a bit of a hoarder!)  So for these reasons and many more, I am so excited to introduce y’all to a fellow Kentuckian […]

Rotate + Refresh

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We see you spring…. In Kentucky this comes in the form of tornado like weather, constant sneezing, and if you’re me, shuffling everything around in your house.  So with January and new resolutions we Marie Kondo’d everything and for awhile we were really digging the minimalist vibe, but now spring is coming and we love […]

Pardon Me, Kathleen Jones

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The cat is finally out of the bag and in the form of Kathleen Jones and her CHINS!  Obsessed with art since she was in diapers Kathleen’s love of all things creative propelled her into a career in the arts. In mixing her love of fashion magazines and re-decorating her room, Kathleen eventually combined all of […]

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