Petite Picasso’s! Kids + Art part II

I don’t know about y’all but I love children’s books so much.  My children have always played with books (as in, they are always strewn across our house) and we read them not just at bedtime but at mealtimes, waiting in the car, etc.  Perhaps the only thing that makes me happier than a good children’s book is a good children’s book with really great illustrations.  And so, I begin my second part Kids + Art post with my favorite children’s books that foster a love of art!

One of our all time favorites is Harold and The Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson.   In this book, which both of my children have loved from birth – until present (3 and almost 6!) Harold uses his wild imagination to create a world in which he imagines himself.  I see this book as teaching so much about imagination and fantasy but also about the use of line (not necessarily color, since it’s all in purple!)

A more recent find is Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg which is all about the beauty that comes from making mistakes – a wonderful lesson not just for artists but for all of us who have to deal with everyday life!  Be sure and check out this one!

And last but certainly not least, and perhaps we are a bit biased, but our new favorite (and my new go to baby gift!) is COLOR by Amanda Norman.  We asked Amanda to share a bit more about her newly released book and here is what she had to say:

“As the mom of the World’s Cutest Little Boy (official title), I have read my fair share of children’s books as of late. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite been able to find a book about colors that strikes my fancy; so I’ve decided to make my own!

In my opinion, most color themed books for children miss the mark. They typically show only one object per color and quite often it’s the same old objects time and time again (orange orange, cough cough). Not only does the child not know if that mass in the middle of the page is called an “apple” or if it’s called a “red;” but, having just one single swatch of color to represent an entire hue leaves out the beautiful variety of color that actually exists.

Color is not only an attempt to expose children to a more accurate portrayal of the rainbow in the world around us, but also an attempt to give children (and parents) more than just one simple image per color. From the classic (brown bear, red apple, purple grapes), to the what-was-she-thinking (blue jorts, red solo cup), my hope is that children and adults alike will enjoy the color, variety and lightheartedness on each page.”

Yes, Amanda!  Amen to that, because the best children’s books are the ones that the parents can appreciate just as much as the kids.  Thank you for creating this lovely book that both my children and I will treasure for years to come!
To purchase Amanda’s book please visit her site HERE.  And please use discount code COLORLOVE for 20% off your purchase!

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