Slip Sliding Away – The End of Summer

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As hard as I try to keep this summer from slip sliding away, it is time to face the harsh reality that it is coming to an end. Before I stop hanging wet swimsuits to dry in the sun or finally finish unpacking from our beach vacation, I thought I would share a few things […]

Pardon Me, Ashton Shaw Despot

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We have long admired the work of New Orleans-based artist Ashton Shaw Despot. Ashton is known for painting loose, impressionistic landscapes and scenes inspired by nature. Her hope is that through her methodology, of working quickly to capture a mood rather than a scene, she can evoke within the viewer a sense of childlike discovery […]

Pardon Me, EMYO

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The daughter of a Cuban American, EMYO’s expressive style, and bold strokes may find their origins in her Spanish roots. Her many years of experimentation in drawing laid the foundation for the painting that would come later in her life…After first receiving her bachelor’s degree from Auburn University, EMYO went on to study under an […]

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