Sarah Trundle


A home studio in Charlottesville, Virginia


After beginnings as an oil painter, Sarah now works primarily in acrylics


Sarah Trundle, an artist from Charlottesville, Virginia, holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Dartmouth College and a Masters Degree in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University. She started her career as a full-time artist after having worked many years as a mental health therapist (who always dabbled in art). Sarah’s paintings range from bold, geometric, brightly colored abstracts, to works of serene, monochromatic, minimalism. Each painting represents a unique end result of a constantly shifting process of obscuring and defining, of complicating and simplifying, and of using the surprises that emerge to inform each subsequent step. Sarah sees this push-pull process as an integral part of the finished painting. She strives to give the viewer a window into this struggle by leaving early marks, shifted shapes, and under-layers still visible to the viewer.





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