Ashton Shaw Despot


Ashton paints and lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. She spends much of her time in THE STUDIO, a working space surrounded by other artists, located in a lively and eclectic area known as the cultural historic Magazine Street district.


Acrylic on canvas and wood.


Ashton Shaw Despot is an emerging artist from South Louisiana. Ashton graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in Fine Art. Immediately following graduation, she participated in an intensive course at the Burren College of Art & Design in Ireland, where she studies environmental sculpture and painting.

Ashton paints landscapes and scenes inspired by nature. She applies acrylic paint to canvas through an array of brushes, palette knives, and sponges working quickly with paint to capture the feeling of a scene rather than its specific details. She is fascinated by light and its changing qualities; using bold short strokes of side-by-side color to accentuate the passage of time in the spirit within a landscape.

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